Essential Branded Products (According to HMC) For Quarantine

It seems like most of us are living somewhere on this scale.

  • Getting Used To Working From Home
  • Enjoying Working From Home
  • Really Over Working From Home
  • Going Stir Crazy and Ready to Scream at the Top Of My Lungs from Working From Home

The changes have been big for many of us.  And while some of the adjustments have forced us to reconnect with family, some have been frustrating to say the least.  So how are we coping?  What do we need?  I thought it might be fun to reach out to our Hasseman Marketing Team to ask them what pieces of “branded merchandise” they have decided is essential for survival during this quarantine!  So here are Essential Branded Products (According to HMC) For Quarantine!

Bree McAndrews

Bree was the first to respond.  She knows that while she knows she needs to work from home, she needs her privacy too!  She says “Camera blocker! Good to quickly block camera if you need to (like if you haven’t changed from your PJ pants to yoga pants yet)”  Great call Bree!  You can find one of those here.

Jay Sabine

You can think of Jay as the Grill Master!  Maybe it’s just an escape to get out of the house, but Jay wants to have tunes and tools to do Grilling right.  So Jay’s must have items are:

Grill Brush Cleaner

Thumpah  Wireless Speaker

Slice-it Scissors

Kelly Bowe

Kelly knows what she wants.  And during this strange and stressful time, Kelly wants chocolate.  She responded in all caps…CHOCOLATE!   And if you want more specific, then think Turtles.  You can find these tasty treats here.  

Josh Williams

Our Master of Design, Josh Williams is all about Coffee!  He wants his caffeine to keep him safe during this quarantine.  “I really like the Urban Peak travel mugs we got a couple years ago. The twist of top and drinking slit weren’t as non-spill as some of the Starline stuff, but they are way easier to keep clean, and they hold a lot of coffee.”  There are some great coffee tumbler options…and here is good one.

Jeff Wickerham

With a true house full of people (and animals), Jeff is all about managing time and sound.  “For me, I use the Pioneer Wireless Ear Buds + 4400 mAh Power BankI use this for my conference calls, as well as putting them in to block out the noise my kids make. 😊”

We hear you Jeff.  We hear you!

While the health and safety of our friends and neighbors is no laughing matter, we do want to keep our content light some days and hopefully make you smile.  If you want to keep up with our content each day, head to our blog page each day for more.  Oh…and we did actually create a blog with tips from our team on working from home…so you can check that out here.

P.S.  Please feel free to use this time to create more targeted and more effective marketing.  We have created a FREE 5 Day Marketing Course to help you with that.  Check it out here and sign up.

Written by: Kirby Hasseman

Kirby Hasseman is the CEO of Hasseman Marketing & Communications. Kirby hosts a weekly Web show called Delivering Marketing Joy where he interviews business leaders from around the country. Kirby has published four books. His most recent is “Fan of Happy.” His book, called "Delivering Marketing Joy" is about doing “promo right” and is perfect for people in the industry and customers. He also wrote “Think Big For Small Business” and “Give Your Way to Success. All are available on Amazon.