5 Eco-Friendly Branded Merchandise Ideas

No matter what business you are in, you need to promote yourself if you want to succeed.  As Henry Ford famously said, “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”  We all need to let our prospects and customers know that we are here to serve them.  But you can still do that responsibly.  There is a growing number of products in the marketing space that have an eco-friendly component.  That way you can promote your business…and do good while you are doing it.

Skylar Hasseman helped us find our favorite pieces of branded merchandise that are eco-friendly.  Let’s take a look!

eco-friendly koozie

Koozie® Collapsible Eco Can Kooler

This is a staple of the branded merchandise world.  Check out this product if you want to make parties more eco-friendly…one beverage at a time!  Click here to learn more.

eco-friendly bottle opener

Wood Bottle Opener

Portable and pretty, this custom engraved wooden bottle opener is ready to travel. Its slim 7″ profile makes carrying it in a pocket or purse a breeze, while the metal jaw easily pries open drinks. Perfect for breweries, executives, barbecues, and more.  Oh…and did we mention you can get one?  Click here to learn more.

eco-friendly straw

Eco-Friendly Reusable Stainless-Steel Straw In An Anodized Travel Container With Carabiner Clip And Cleaning Brush

You are contributing to the 8 million tons of global plastic waste (yearly) every time you order a drink that comes with a straw. And do you know how many straws Americans use in a single day?  About 500 million!  In view of the staggering figures, it’s easy to figure out how big of an impact we can make just by making small changes to our habits and actions.  Click here to learn more.

eco-friendly lip balm

Budget Balm

This Budget Balm provides promotional value without breaking the bank. It is made using petroleum, mineral oil, coconut oil, paraffin wax, and ozokerite wax.  It’s also Vegan and Made in the USA.  There is a lot to love about it and you can find more information here.

eco-friendly t-shirt

Next Level – Eco Heavyweight Tee

You want a really cool t-shirt to promote your brand…but you want to feel good about it.  Right?  This might be your answer.  This t-shirt from Next Level is made of approximately 4 recycled RPET bottles per shirt.  Learn more here.

And friends…this is just the beginning.  If you want to create a promotion that not only creates attention for your brand but also does some good in the world…we can help.  If you want to order one of these awesome products right away…click here to make it happen!

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Written by: Kirby Hasseman

Kirby Hasseman is the CEO of Hasseman Marketing & Communications. Kirby hosts a weekly Web show called Delivering Marketing Joy where he interviews business leaders from around the country. Kirby has published four books. His most recent is “Fan of Happy.” His book, called "Delivering Marketing Joy" is about doing “promo right” and is perfect for people in the industry and customers. He also wrote “Think Big For Small Business” and “Give Your Way to Success. All are available on Amazon.