Affordable Promotional Products For the County Fair

The County Fair comes around each year, and people come out from all around in order to attend and get that “fair” experience.  The animals, the food, the games, the rides, the agriculture, the projects, and even the crowds…it’s all a part of the experience.

For many people, the fair is their favorite time of year, and so your brand has the chance to make them feel special. One way you can stand out is by handing out fun, memorable promotional products they can use. Not only does it make people feel appreciated, but it also is a great marketing opportunity for a potential customer in the future.

It’s a win-win situation!

But County Fairs can really draw a crowd!  You don’t want to break your marketing budget.  So here are a few affordable, useful promotional products that would be perfect to market your brand at the County Fair!

Fly Swatter

Who doesn’t need a Fly Swatter? This is an inexpensive, taper-shaped 16-inch fly swatter with an easy, clear place to put your logo. In addition, while you are spending time at the County Fair, you will be reminded that, sometimes, pesky insects can be a bother.  So your customers and prospects will line up to get theirs.  Perfect giveaway choice! Check it out here. 

Mood Cup/Straw/Lid Set

This is not your average drinking cup, it includes the lid and straw, which also have color-changing capabilities. If you put in cold liquid, the cups change color!  Super fun for kids of all ages!  This 12 oz Mood Changing cup set has lots of different color options to choose from and are dishwasher safe to ensure the best product for you and your customer! Check it out here.

Natural Wood Yardstick

The Yardstick is light, handy, and a great way to get your name out there!  A Yardstick can be the perfect gift at the County Fair.  Why?  They are functional with a large imprint area, and can be seen all of the fairgrounds!  This is an item that will draw people to your booth…and they will keep it long after the fair is over. Check it out here.

Round Bag Clip

If you have ever opened a bag of chips and not finished them, you might feel like a quitter!  Just kidding!  But when you make that healthy choice, you still want to keep the chips fresh for next time.  The round bag clip is perfect to help you do just that.  Oh…and with a magnet on the back, you will always know where to find it! Check it out here.


Koozie’s are such a fun giveaway for many reasons and so easy to take with you wherever you go! They collapse into as small as you need them, to fit in your pocket, purse, etc. And, there are so many color options to choose from!  This is a great, low-cost item to promote your brand at the County Fair. Check it out here.

Mood Stadium Cup

The original mood cup has been a winner for years.  Why?  Because it works.  It’s fun and functional. This 17 oz color-changing cup comes in a large variety of colors to choose from, for the perfect marketing tool.  We recommend getting them in an assorted color range so that each cup is a small surprise for your prospect or customer! Check it out here.

Any of these products would be a good choice to continue to promote your brand and market yourself effectively. And County Fair time would be the perfect time to do so, with so many new and old faces visiting your area, seeking a great experience, why not be a part of that?  Enjoying the County Fair, supporting the community, and creating new business relationships…sounds like a perfect marketing situation to me!

For more affordable County Fair marketing ideas, let’s talk.  We can help you create the perfect marketing plan for any event on your calendar.  Oh…and never miss an update, sign up for our VIP newsletter here. 


Written by: Skylar Hasseman