Product of the Week: The Viking Tumbler

Welcome to the Hasseman Marketing featured Product of the Week!  Our goal each week is to show you a piece of branded merch that we love…and we give you 3 reasons to love it too!  This week we feature something that will help you stand out at any event you attend this year.

This week we’re talking about the Viking tumbler, the Viking tumbler is a double wall vacuum-sealed insulated tumbler that keeps your drink hot for five to eight hours it keeps it cold for 24 hours it’s a really really nice piece. So what are the three reasons that I am featuring this as the product of the week this week?

  1. It’s high quality: It’s a really high-quality piece that people ask for again and again which means your branded info information is going to stick around for a long time.
  2. It’s actually affordable: especially when you consider it in comparison to the retail space let’s face it this is a piece that mimics the yeti style tumbler and this is going to be with a one-color imprint is going to be you know in the $10 range or so and then you can actually do full color and more cool decoration techniques still in the 14 to 15 range. When you see a piece like this in retail you’re at $40-45 so the perceived value on it is really really good.
  3. Cool decoration: You can do a full-color imprint around it as well so if you want to feature some sort of building or a picture of your team or whatever, you can do that.

So it’s a high-quality piece it’s actually pretty affordable and the decoration is amazing so that’s why the Viking tumbler is our HMC product of the week this time.As always you can click on the link below to see the shop learn more shop and hopefully order if you have any questions let us know and we’ll talk to you soon see you next time. Want to learn more?  Click here to start shopping today. Hasseman Marketing is your one-stop marketing shop.  We work hard to “Deliver #MarketingJoy to you.  If you want to make sure you never miss an update, now is a great time to become a VIP.  Sign up to be “on the list” here.

Written by: Dustin