Free Tools to Help You Work Remotely

My name is Eric, and I’m the lead web designer for Hasseman Marketing.  What most people don’t know is I normally work remotely. While Hasseman Marketing is located in Ohio, I live and work from my home in Norfolk Virginia.  So working as a remote team member isn’t anything new to the Hasseman Team.  But maybe it is for you.

Here are 3 tools I can recommend from personal experience that help me effectively work from home.

1. Loom

Say it with Loom.  I use Loom every day.  It’s a small application you install on your computer that let’s you quickly and easily record your own computer screen, voice, and image if need be.  My favorite part of Loom is how it uploads the video into your account as you are recording it, saving a huge amount of time.  Once you are done with the video, you get a link you can share with anyone.  There is a lot you can customize in your setup.  Don’t want Loom to capture video of you, no worries, turn off your camera.  Want to capture a specific program screen and not your entire computer screen, you can do that also.  Loom is easily my number one tool that helps me work remotely.



  1. It’s FREE for most.
  2. People can comment on the video itself.
  3. The videos are stored on their server saving you money and resources.
  4. Ease of setup and use.


2. Zoom

While Loom is one-way video, Zoom is two-way and conference video.  With Zoom, you can easily setup a meeting, get a link to use to invite the person or people to your meeting, and then you can easily connect online.  The video and audio quality has always been great for me.


  1. It starts out FREE, and for most people will work that way forever.  For those that need to pay, the price is very reasonable.
  2. The ability to record the video.
  3. The ability to share a screen is very easy.
  4. The ability to mute and unmute guests as the meeting host.
  5. Easily send invites integrated with your calendar.
  6. Really good mobile app.


3. Tawk.To

While free to use, this tool does require some technical “know-how” to set it up on your website or you can use a website designer or developer.  Tawk.To is a free web chat tool for most websites.  I’m sure you have been on a website that has that little box in the lower right hand corner that let’s you chat with someone live.  Well, that’s what Tawk.To is.  In fact, during the month of March and April 2020 we offering to instal and setup this tool for only $250 to help business owners who find themselves for the first time more reliant on their websites to communicate with their customers.


  1. It’s FREE.
  2. It’s easy to use.
  3. You can have others on your team help field questions.
  4. You can build a repository of Frequently Asked Questions to help get your customers answers to their questions even faster.
  5. Hire agents starting at $1/hour to help you provide better customer service.
  6. A really nice mobile app.

If you have questions about these tools, please feel free to reach out to us.

We can help you make your website more customer friendly during times when in-person commerce is something people are avoiding because of weather, natural disasters, or virus outbreaks.  If you need to work remotely, we can help.

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Written by: Eric Dingler