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Increasing brand awareness can be tough, but we know the results can be huge in attracting new business.

In addition, branded merchandise is one of the most powerful ways to show appreciation, reward loyalty, and retain great client relations. 


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You’re in Good company.

We’ve successfully helped other organizations in the Financial Services industry.

Kelly Bowe

Kelly Bowe

Financial Services Industry Specialist

Kelly is Here To Help.

At Hasseman Marketing, Kelly Bowe, is our specialist in Marketing for Financial Services organizations. 


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If your expectations of a marketing sales representative consist of getting to know you as a person and understanding the marketing needs of your business, then Kelly Bowe and Hasseman Marketing are the perfect fit to help promote your business.

Kelly’s ideas and work quality are impeccable; which makes her an outstanding addition to our marketing team. We’ve worked with Hasseman Marketing for over 10 years and will continue our loyalty because of their amazing service, quality products, and their passion and commitment to fulfilling their client’s needs.

Shana Simmons

DoverPhila Federal Credit Union

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