What Do You Need For In-Person Events?

Welcome Back to In-Person Events!

It has been a long 18 months of zoom calls, online interviews, and isolation. But now the time has come where in-person events are on the rise again! Most of us are very excited for these events to be back and we have a couple of helpful hints on preparing for these larger in-person events, once again.

      1. Wash Your Hands

We might be mostly past the virus (hopefully), but it always good to make washing your hands a routine no matter what!  We hope this is one of the habits we can hang onto moving into the future!

       2. Check Your Display Inventory

It’s been a full year and a half since most of us have looked at our organization’s display, or even thought about needing them!  Well, we are here to tell you, this is the time!

If your backdrops, table covers, and marketing materials have been in storage over that time, a lot of things can happen.  You might have a new logo.  The company might have updated its messaging.  We’ve heard stories of mice getting into boxes and chewing holes backdrops.  That is not what we call #marketingjoy!  And you don’t want to learn that the day before the event.    So, now is the perfect time to check inventory for event display items, or whatever other items you may need.

If you open them up and realized it’s time for a refresh…we got you.  We have listed several different displays and options that will help you promote your brand at the next in-person event.

GeoMetrix Display:

Why? The GeoMetric Display gives you the flexibility to create specific campaigns for your desired audience. Use each panel to tell your story through the combination of pictures, graphics, or text. It’s easy to change the panels allowing you to purchase additional panels for new products, services, or info.

EuroFit Straight Wall Display:

Why? Unlimited design options from simple & clean on one side to intricate graphics on the other side. Also, you can create a great backdrop for photo opportunities.

6’/8′ Convertible Table Throw:

Why? One less detail to worry about. You don’t have to stress about whether you have a 6-foot table or an 8-foot setup…you have both covered!  It also looks classy, is durable, and easy to take care of.

GeoMetrix Tabletop Display:

Why? Same logic as the GeoMetrix floor display just a smaller version to occupy valuable tabletop space.

Mini Retractor Kit:

Why? Budget tabletop option for professionally presenting your message. Easy to use and set up.

Standard Retractor Kit:

Why? Capture brand awareness or communicate info from on-site events to use back in your office lobby. Easy to break down and set up. Foundation piece for any marketing campaign.

3′ Round Floor Decor:

Why? We have been trained over the last year to go “stand on the mark”. Use this as a focal point inside an (open) display or help direct foot traffic your way. This is also a great place to market to those looking down at their phone!

Literature Display:

Why? Not a necessity, but a professional and better-organized option than fanned out over a tabletop. Set up as help yourself or use as a tool in your presentation to reinforce the message. Like the retractor, displays can also be used in office lobbies.

So much has changed over the past year.  We get that.  But now that in-person events are making a comeback, you still want your brand to look sharp and professional.  These display options will help ensure your organization is ready to rock when you get to see your customers face to face!

If you like any of these ideas, and/or have other ideas, please contact us at 740-622-7429 or at hassemanmarketing.com and we will be happy to help! And, to never miss another one of these (hopefully) helpful articles, sign up here!

Written by: Skylar Hasseman