I Suck At This

 One of the mental challenges I have with creating content on an every day basis is “the voice.”  I talked about that here.  We all have it.  My voice regularly tells me that I come off as a know it all.  I am writing about personal development issues.  So naturally, I must think I know everything.   I don’t. As a matter of fact, I really struggle, every day with many things that I am not good at.  It’s not that I beat myself up over it.  I just don’t get it right.  A lot.  So in the interest of transparency, I thought I would share some of the things I suck at.   My Temper:  When my stress levels go up, the length of my fuse goes way down.  Then all of a sudden I find myself blowing up at someone (who is perfectly nice) over something stupid.  Though my temper is way better than it used to be…I still struggle here. The Numbers Game:  This is painful to admit.  I have been in business now for many years and reading a P & L is still painful to me.  I can do it.  But it takes all of my mental energy.  So I don’t analyze and work on these details nearly as much as I should.   Listening:  I know (intellectually) that the number one skill in sales is to listen. I know it.  But sometimes I cannot simply shut up!  Maybe it’s because I am excited to tell the person something new.  Maybe it’s because I have the attention span of a gnat.  Maybe it’s because I am a narcissistic jerk.  Either way…I need to work on it. Switching gears:  Though I believe in single tasking, sometimes business and life requires us to change from one thing to another.  Sometimes I struggle with this…and it leads me back to number one (my temper).  I need to take a breath…and move on. Meditate:  I know I need to meditate.  I am learning more and more of the benefits.  And I am even doing it…sometimes.  But just like exercise (or anything else you want to be good at) I need to do it every day.   I am not. This list is woefully incomplete.  But I guess…so am I.  I struggle with a lot.  This is not an exercise in beating myself up.  It’s just an exercise in transparency.  The fact is, I suck at this stuff.  But I am getting getter…slow but sure.   Make sure you never miss an update.  Sign up for our VIP newsletter and we can try and get better together.  

Written by: Kirby Hasseman

Kirby Hasseman is the CEO of Hasseman Marketing & Communications. Kirby hosts a weekly Web show called Delivering Marketing Joy where he interviews business leaders from around the country. Kirby has published four books. His most recent is “Fan of Happy.” His book, called "Delivering Marketing Joy" is about doing “promo right” and is perfect for people in the industry and customers. He also wrote “Think Big For Small Business” and “Give Your Way to Success. All are available on Amazon.