Thirsty Thursday: Hydro Flask® Wide Mouth 24oz Bottle with Flex Straw Cap

You know what time it is!  It’s time for Thirsty Thursday! Thirsty Thursday is the award-winning piece of content from Hasseman Marketing where we take a mystery drink out of a piece of branded drinkware! Be careful…it’s not for everyone. This week we feature the Hydro Flask® Wide Mouth 24oz Bottle with Flex Straw Cap from PCNA.  It’s a fun one.  Get ready to giggle…and be jealous of this new piece of drinkware.  Watch now!


Welcome to another exciting episode of Thirsty Thursday, where we explore the world of beverages, one sip at a time. In this episode, our hosts are faced with a mystery drink, concealed within a branded Hydro Flask Wide-mouth 24 oz bottle with a flex straw cap. This intriguing drinkware was generously donated by PCNA, adding an extra layer of suspense to our taste-testing adventure.

For those new to Thirsty Thursday, our series is all about the exploration and discovery of new flavors, with a healthy dose of fun and banter. Our hosts, a diverse group of beverage enthusiasts, are always eager to take on the challenge of identifying and reviewing mystery drinks. The Hydro Flask® Wide Mouth 24oz Bottle with Flex Straw Cap with its sleek design and practical flex straw cap, is the perfect vessel for today’s mystery drink. Retailing for just under $50, it’s a high-quality piece of drinkware that’s sure to keep our beverage at the perfect temperature.

Initial Reactions to the Mystery Drink

As the hosts uncapped the Hydro Flask, the anticipation was palpable. They revealed that the mystery drink had been marinating since the last recording, adding a touch of apprehension to their initial excitement. The Hydro Flask, with its high-quality build and stylish design, was met with unanimous approval. However, the mystery drink inside was a different story.

The revelation that the drink had been resting in the flask since the last recording led to a mix of excitement and apprehension. Would the flavors have intensified over time, or would they have mellowed out? The hosts were eager to find out. Their initial reactions were a mix of curiosity and apprehension, with the Hydro Flask’s high perceived value adding an extra layer of intrigue.

Tasting the Mystery Drink

Upon tasting, the hosts had mixed reactions. Some found the mystery drink bland, while others detected notes of cherry, raspberry, and possibly green tea. The drink had a slight burn, not too sweet, and more fruity than sugary, which led to a unanimous description of it as a “Kool-Aid with a burn”.

The hosts engaged in a lively discussion about the possible flavors detected in the drink. They compared the mystery drink to other known beverages, trying to pinpoint its unique flavor profile. Despite the mixed reactions, the hosts were all intrigued by the complexity of the mystery drink and its unexpected flavor combination.

Revealing the Mystery Drink

The moment of truth arrived, and the mystery drink was revealed to be an Absolute Pineapple Martini. This revelation surprised the hosts, as none of them had detected any pineapple flavor. The unexpected flavor profile of the drink sparked a lively discussion among the hosts, who were intrigued by the unexpected twist.

The hosts expressed their surprise at the revelation, with some even questioning their taste buds. The unexpected flavor profile of the Absolute Pineapple Martini led to a lively discussion about how flavors can be masked or enhanced by other ingredients. Despite the surprise, the hosts agreed that the mystery drink was a refreshing change from the usual beverages they encounter.

Final Verdict

Despite the unexpected reveal, the hosts gave the Absolute Pineapple Martini a thumbs up. They suggested that it would be refreshing on ice, making it a perfect drink for a hot summer day. The Hydro Flask also received high praise for its high perceived value and practical design, with the hosts recommending it to viewers as a stylish and durable drinkware option.

The hosts’ final verdict on the mystery drink was positive, with many expressing a desire to try it again in the future. They also shared their recommendations for how to best enjoy the Absolute Pineapple Martini, suggesting it would be perfect for a summer barbecue or a relaxing evening at home. The Hydro Flask was also a hit, with the hosts praising its high perceived value and recommending it to viewers as a worthy investment.


The hosts expressed their appreciation for PCNA’s donation of the Hydro Flask, which added an extra layer of excitement to the taste-testing experience. They encouraged viewers to check out more drinkware pieces on their shop, promising a wide range of high-quality options to suit all tastes and budgets.

In their final remarks, the hosts thanked PCNA for their generous donation and encouraged viewers to continue exploring new flavors and beverages. They signed off with a reminder to stay hydrated and keep an open mind when it comes to trying new drinks. After all, you never know when you might stumble upon your next favorite beverage.

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Written by: Dustin