The Puppy Training Secret to Increasing Sales

hasseman marketing goals A couple of months ago, my oldest daughter got a puppy.  This would be fun and cute except for one important fact.  My oldest daughter lives with me.  That means this cute little puppy became a true “routine destroyer” in my house.  (I whined a bit about that here).   Despite the fact that Fin is super cute, he has gone through the normal phase of trying to figure out potty training, biting, chewing, barking at random shadows and more.  It’s normal.  But it throws everything off. I swear, there is a point to this. This weekend, my family and I were together on a holiday shopping trip.  We were enjoying a nice meal together and discussing Finn.  I started to point out that we were still working on the potty training thing, and then I stopped. “Wait,” I said.  “Actually, it’s been a while since I have had to clean up an accident.  He has been doing better on that.” Then we all looked around the table and realized it had actually been about two weeks since any accidents had taken place.   Wow.  How had we not noticed? We had not noticed because it happened incrementally…over time.  He went from being totally unpredictable, to a bit better to even better yet.  We didn’t flip a switch.  We got a tiny bit better every day.  Then one day…boom!   Overnight success. That’s how it works with building a business (or creating content, or whatever).  You start by just making a mess of things.  Then you continue to work at it.  You get a tiny bit better over a long period of time.  And just like the puppy, there will be times when it does not feel like you are making any progress at all.  You will question why the hell you are doing any of this. Then one day, you look up from the grind, and you realized you have made a TON of progress.  You will look back at the grind (that felt like it took forever) and realized it happened pretty quickly.   And hopefully, when you are on the other side, you won’t have to replace the carpet. While you are on the journey, make sure you become a VIP.  Today is a great day to sign up.  We send one email per week with all of the content for the week.  Sign up here.

Written by: Kirby Hasseman

Kirby Hasseman is the CEO of Hasseman Marketing & Communications. Kirby hosts a weekly Web show called Delivering Marketing Joy where he interviews business leaders from around the country. Kirby has published four books. His most recent is “Fan of Happy.” His book, called "Delivering Marketing Joy" is about doing “promo right” and is perfect for people in the industry and customers. He also wrote “Think Big For Small Business” and “Give Your Way to Success. All are available on Amazon.