5 Reasons To Attend Hasseman Marketing MasterClass

At Hasseman Marketing, we believe the best way to battle business challenges is through learning and hustle.  I know the term “hustle” is sometimes over-used right now, but the reality is, your effort is one of the things you can truly control.  It matters.  In addition, when times are changing and challenging (as we can all agree they are right now), looking for ways to grow is one of the best ways to make sure you are prepared to adapt.  That is why we have been so focused on providing education during this time (like this FREE 5 Day Marketing Course).

That is why we are so excited to host Hasseman Marketing MasterClass.

Yes it will take some time.  It will take some effort.  But we hope this event will be well worth it!  If you are still on the fence, we wanted to give you 5 reasons to attend the first ever Hasseman Marketing MasterClass.

Amazing Keynote Speakers

Bill Petrie and Bobby Lehew are two of the most talented speakers in the marketing world.  Both are industry professionals for sure.  But each has wonderful perspective on story-telling and a track record for marketing success.  I am thrilled they have agreed to share their talents with us.  Each of their sessions will be well worth the price of admission as you plan the rest of your year.

Real World Breakout Sessions

As great as the speakers are going to be (and they are going to be awesome), I am really fired up about our Breakout Sessions.  We will be tapping into our speakers (in a session about creating content), our team and even our customers.  We have asked our team and customers about topics that would help them move the needle and responded.  So we have a session on improving your website, how to maintain company culture during this time, changing your marketing during changing times, and more!  We are adding more speakers and sessions all the time…so be ready to be inspired!

A Virtual Trade Show

As we discussed doing this event with some of our customers, one thing came up again and again.  “We still want to be able to meet with your suppliers!”  After over 15 years of hosting a successful trade show for our customers, we have created a demand.  Great news.  Some of our best supplier partners will be joining us virtually to show you the best and brightest year end gift ideas, apparel options, and branded merchandise to help you move the needle and end 2020 strong.

Innovative Learning

We have all heard it until we are blue in the face, “we are living in unprecedented times.”  While it’s true, I am tired of hearing it.  That being said, these times call for innovative solutions.  We have a fun interactive platform and an energetic way to keep the learning going.  It’s not going to be “just another zoom meeting.”

Inspiration For Year End

We are being bombarded with negative news every single day.  Whether it’s CNN, FoxNews or your Uncle Joe on Facebook, it can be hard to escape.  This event is designed to provide information and inspiration to help you take control of your marketing and your organization.  We will be hearing from real people that have implemented real ideas to help them navigate this time.  I mean, one idea might be, “How to host a virtual conference so we can continue to do business!”  Just a thought!

Bonus Reason (for a limited time)…Great Box of SWAG

You know we love our swag!  This is for a limited time, but for the first 100 to register, you will get a box of branded merchandise that will be more than worth the price of admission.

We are fired up about this event.  If you want to learn more, please head here to read and and register.  The cost is only $10 and I guarantee you will get your money’s worth.

Announcing Hasseman Marketing MasterClass

When facing times of retraction, the businesses and organizations that are willing to change are the ones that often grow and thrive.  Well we are certainly living in a time of change.  We must all be willing to look at what “we have always done” and re-evaluate.  We are doing that with Hasseman Marketing MasterClass.

But let’s start with the bad news.

We have made the difficult decision to not have the in-person Hasseman Marketing End User show that we have had for over 15 years in Coshocton.  It’s an event we love (and we hope you did too) so it was a tough choice.  But when you factor in the safety of our team and our customers, we just felt it was the right thing to do.  We are bummed…but have decided to make a shift that we are excited about.

Now let’s get to the good news.

hasseman marketing masterclass

We are VERY excited to announce that on Thursday October 15th, we will be hosting our very own Online Marketing Conference that we are calling Hasseman Marketing MasterClass.  The event will feature amazing speakers, targeted breakout sessions, an Expo area for meeting with our suppliers and more!

We are using a platform called Hopin that allows us have engaging content that keeps moving fast.  This is not just another zoom meeting and we are creating content with you in mind.

But wait there’s more.

There is a very small fee to attend the event (just $10), but we hope the value will far outweigh the cost.  In addition, the first 100 registered will received a box with some sweet branded merchandise to get them ready to learn.

For more information and to register, please head here.  We will be adding more information on sessions and speakers soon, but wanted to have you “save the date” and get in line for your sweet box of swag!

Thanks for your consideration, we hope to see you on October 15th!

Are You Willing To Change Your Marketing?

I pride myself on creating content.  At Hasseman Marketing, we create podcasts, videos and blogs, and if you are ready this, you probably know this.  In addition to enjoying the process, this content drives traffic to our website.  That’s all good, right?

Well this week, Eric Dingler did an SEO audit of our website and found something interesting.  (Yes we not only do website design, but can provide this sort of service for your website too.  Learn more here).  You see, some of my blogs are marketing related.  These posts are specific to our field of expertise.  I might talk about helping your team maintain culture and productivity with a “Work From Home Kit” or we might give you 10 tips on creating better video.  These blogs not only help to drive traffic, but they improve our SEO score.

On the other hand, some of the content I write has more of a Personal Development feel.  These blog posts are designed to help you (and me) be more productive, chase goals and be more happy.  While these blogs are popular (and hopefully helpful), Eric’s assessment of our newly designed site tells us that they “confuse google” as to what Hasseman Marketing does!  Well that’s no good!

Would You Be Willing To Change Your Marketing?

The lesson here is simple.  It has been well documented that we are living in new and different times.  But are you taking a fresh look at your marketing tactics?  Just because one path you got you and your business here, does not mean it’s the best tactic to continue today.  Are you willing to take a long hard look?

For years, using trade shows and other in person events has been a great way to go to market.  But in 2020, that strategy is a tough on to implement.  Have you considered Replacing Your Events with Branded Merchandise?  This is the right time to have that conversation.

As for me, I am going to work to change too.  It doesn’t mean I will stop writing blog posts on why we need to stop being so angry!  I enjoy that style of post.  It helps me and I hope it helps you too.  But I will direct them to KirbyHasseman.com.  That is a site I created to promote my books and speaking (yes you can hire me to speak).  I will begin posting new blogs there very soon.  I am even planning to move some of my older blogs over there too.  This seems strange to me, but I am willing to do it if it helps me create better marketing for Hasseman Marketing.

So what are you willing to change in your marketing?  It might be time to take a look.  And when you are ready, we are here to help.

Brand Marketing Versus Direct Marketing

In the book “This is Marketing,” Seth Godin covers a lot of very important topics that can help you become a better marketer and a better storyteller.  You learn why you don’t need everyone as a customer.  As a matter of fact, you need to find a “minimum viable audience” for your product, service or movement.  But no lesson was more profound for me than the difference (as Godin defined it) between Brand Marketing versus Direct Marketing.

Brand Marketing Versus Direct Marketing

It’s important to note that Godin did not say that one was better than the other.  There is a very important place for both Brand Marketing and Direct Marketing.  It’s just vital to understand what both do…and where both fit in with your marketing strategy or plan.  So let’s quickly explain the difference.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a marketing action you take where there is a designed (and often immediate) action to follow.  This is the email delivered directly to the prospect with the call to action that says “Buy now” or “Click here” or something like that.  Direct marketers find an action that creates the specific result that they want, and then they look to do it over and over again.  Direct marketing is measurable.  You can see what the open rate on the email is.  You can track how many people clicked the link or bought the product.  There is an A + B = C feel to direct marketing.

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing is also powerful, but much harder to measure.  As Godin says, “Coca Cola does not think that if you see an ad during the Super Bowl that you will leave the Super Bowl party and go buy Coke.”  The idea of course, is they are creating brand affinity and top of mind awareness.  That way, the next time you are in the grocery store, you will think of Coke.  Brand Marketing is important and is how long term success is often created in Advertising and Marketing.

Both types of Marketing are important and effective.  Where you get in trouble, is when you create Brand Marketing and try to measure it like Direct Marketing.  It will almost always fail.  It’s just not set up to do the same thing.

As you consider creating your next marketing campaign, take the time to consider and understand what kind of marketing you are creating.  Just remember, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Thanks for reading!  Want to keep up with all of our content?  Check out our blog page each day to see what is new.  Oh…and you can always sign up for our VIP newsletter.  We send one email with all of our content each week.

Free Tools to Help You Work Remotely

My name is Eric, and I’m the lead web designer for Hasseman Marketing.  What most people don’t know is I normally work remotely. While Hasseman Marketing is located in Ohio, I live and work from my home in Norfolk Virginia.  So working as a remote team member isn’t anything new to the Hasseman Team.  But maybe it is for you.

Here are 3 tools I can recommend from personal experience that help me effectively work from home.

1. Loom

Say it with Loom.  I use Loom every day.  It’s a small application you install on your computer that let’s you quickly and easily record your own computer screen, voice, and image if need be.  My favorite part of Loom is how it uploads the video into your account as you are recording it, saving a huge amount of time.  Once you are done with the video, you get a link you can share with anyone.  There is a lot you can customize in your setup.  Don’t want Loom to capture video of you, no worries, turn off your camera.  Want to capture a specific program screen and not your entire computer screen, you can do that also.  Loom is easily my number one tool that helps me work remotely.



  1. It’s FREE for most.
  2. People can comment on the video itself.
  3. The videos are stored on their server saving you money and resources.
  4. Ease of setup and use.


2. Zoom

While Loom is one-way video, Zoom is two-way and conference video.  With Zoom, you can easily setup a meeting, get a link to use to invite the person or people to your meeting, and then you can easily connect online.  The video and audio quality has always been great for me.


  1. It starts out FREE, and for most people will work that way forever.  For those that need to pay, the price is very reasonable.
  2. The ability to record the video.
  3. The ability to share a screen is very easy.
  4. The ability to mute and unmute guests as the meeting host.
  5. Easily send invites integrated with your calendar.
  6. Really good mobile app.


3. Tawk.To

While free to use, this tool does require some technical “know-how” to set it up on your website or you can use a website designer or developer.  Tawk.To is a free web chat tool for most websites.  I’m sure you have been on a website that has that little box in the lower right hand corner that let’s you chat with someone live.  Well, that’s what Tawk.To is.  In fact, during the month of March and April 2020 we offering to instal and setup this tool for only $250 to help business owners who find themselves for the first time more reliant on their websites to communicate with their customers.


  1. It’s FREE.
  2. It’s easy to use.
  3. You can have others on your team help field questions.
  4. You can build a repository of Frequently Asked Questions to help get your customers answers to their questions even faster.
  5. Hire agents starting at $1/hour to help you provide better customer service.
  6. A really nice mobile app.

If you have questions about these tools, please feel free to reach out to us.

We can help you make your website more customer friendly during times when in-person commerce is something people are avoiding because of weather, natural disasters, or virus outbreaks.  If you need to work remotely, we can help.

If you want more contact designed to educate and inspire, check out our blog page here.


Why Do a Website Redesign

“Eric, I’ve had my website for 5 years, is it time to do a website redesign?”

This, or some form of it, is a question we get asked from business owners who understand the value having the right website brings to their business.  Some had made their own website when they were a startup entrepreneur, others have had a professionally designed website for years.

Now I think the answer we give normally catches them off guard.

In short, the answer is the good ‘ole frustrating cliche; “it depends.”

Signs It May Be Time For A Website Redesign


1. Your website focuses on you and not your audience.


If your website is all about you, your services, and/or your products; it’s time for a redesign.  I’m not saying don’t highlight your services or products, but does your website help the person looking at the site see them using and benefiting from what you have?

Don’t list a product/service, demonstrate the benefit.  I love the saying; “no one buys a drill, people are buying the hole the drill will make.”  What is the problem your product solves? And, why does your drill make getting the hole better than another drill?

2. Your website isn’t up to date with best practices to provide an amazing user experience.


Is your phone number easy to access?  Is your address located at the bottom of every page in an area known as the footer?  Do you have enough contrast between colors so individuals with vision disabilities can easily read your site?  Is your website designed for people who use adaptive equipment?  How about security?  Does your website address have “http” in front of it or does it have what it should have with “https” in front of it?

If you answered no to these questions DON’T REDESIGN YOUR WEBSITE.  

Well, maybe redesign your website.  Some of these common mistakes can be fixed by just updating content.  If you’d like a custom audit free website audit, just click here and email me.  My name is Eric, and I’m the lead web designer for Hasseman Marketing.   I’ll take a look at your site and let you know if it’s compliant with the American’s With Disability Act, how it compares to websites with best practices for user experience, and I’ll show you exactly how you fix any issue on your own.  I promise to never email you again with a sales email.

3. Your website isn’t ranking in search results.


When someone does a search on the internet looking to solve the problem your service or products solves, and they don’t see your website in the search results, that’s lost sales.  Sales that are going to your competition.  Ouch.

The hard truth about ranking in search results is this.  Google doesn’t rank you, your competition does.  If their website is structured for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and your’s isn’t,  They win.

Again, you may not need an entire redesign of your website, you may just need some tweaks to the content.

In fact, you can get a free audit of your site’s SEO right now with our free tool.  Just enter your website’s address and email below:


4. Your website looks and feels dated.


Unless vintage is your brand, a vintage feeling website isn’t going to help you.  By now, it’s just expected that a website will be responsive to different screen sizes.  It’s expected that you’ll have up to date information. I mean, have you ever been on a website and they had an announcement for something that happened three years ago?  If your site is not up to date, your visitors are quickly going to leave.

So, when is the last time you took a very close look at every word on every page of your website?  If it’s been awhile, that’s probably your first step.



What’s the benefit of a website redesign?


Simple.  A new site gives you something to promote.  It’s an updated tool to help you do more business or reach more people with our message.  It helps you reconnect with current customers that have drifted away and helps you find new a new audience.

For example, we just did a redesign in the last couple of months of this website.  The results?  A 41% increase in visitors.  That’s a big result that you could have for your website as well.

Again, feel free to take us up on our offer to look your site over by sending us an email here.  Or, use our free SEO audit tool above for a free instant report.