7 Promotional Products You Need To Know About In July

If you are new around here, let me let you in on a little secret.  We love Branded Merch.  We believe it’s one of the best ways to build a long-term brand.  With that in mind, last month we created a blog featuring the 6 Promotional Products you needed to know about in June.  Well, this month we want to show you the 7 Promotional Products you need to know about in July. It’s the 7th month…and there are 7 products!  Get it?  This month we have items that are fun or functional (or both).  And if you want to skip the line and go straight to order information...you can head here.

7 Promotional Products You Need To Know About In July

Our goal is to show you some timely, and hopefully trendy, promotional products that will hit many different price points.  In addition, we will tell you what we love about the products…but also some drawbacks as well.  Let’s dig in!

Black & Gray Palm Dipped Gloves

No matter your walk of life…everyone needs gloves.  Breathable gray knit gloves, cut, puncture & abrasion-resistant thin black nitrile coated palm. Form-fitting with great grip on dry surfaces, oil resistant. A thin palm provides great dexterity. Great for auto mechanics, assembly, technicians, delivery drivers, yard work, gardening…and so many more!

Positive:  Can you say “functional?”  We believe the best branded merch is functional.  And no matter what you do, there are times when you need a work glove.  So that means that the perceived value on this item is much higher than the actual cost.

Negative:  If you are looking for “trendy new products,” then this one might not be for you.

Power Bar 3000 mAh with USB-C and Wrapper

One of our best and most popular power banks now has a 3,000 mAh battery capacity and a USB-C input port. With fully customizable design options, the Power bar is playfully disguised as an ordinary nutrition bar. Our amazing Power Bar continues to represent our core principles in providing you with products that are practical, enjoyable, and meaningful. Pair the Power Bar with any brand that encourages the healthy spirit of play in their daily work culture.

Positive:  This is such a creative and useful product.  Not only do you have a functional power bank that clients can use for a long time to charge your device, but the packaging can totally stand out and tell your story.  Show your creativity and this can be a home run.

Negative:  It does need good artwork and creativity to take this home.  Don’t just slap a logo on this one or you will miss the real impact.

Microfiber Scrubber Golf Towel

Measuring 16″ x 25″, this innovative microfiber golf towel has anti-scratch scrubber loops on the back side to clean the club head or golf ball. It’s designed to dig deep into the groves of the golf club. Great for promotional events, the front side is a soft absorbent microfiber that can be embroidered or edge-to-edge printed with your company logo or custom design.

Positive:  Great imprint area with the sublimation with vibrant imprint colors.  In addition, the scrubber on the backside of the towel is really functional.

Negative:  This is very seasonal.  Now is the time to order these if you want them for golf season in much of the country.


uni-ball® Jetstream Sport

Exclusive, low-viscosity Super Ink™ combines the quick drying time of a ballpoint with the vibrant color and smoothness of a gel penuni Super-Ink™ technology protects against water, fading, & fraudInk color matches plunger color (white barrel features black ink)Point size: 1.0mmThe sleek body and form-fitting comfort grip make JetStream pens a perfect choice for everyday writing, journaling or color-coding notes.

Positive:  This is a really nice writing pen.  When you hand this out, your clients and prospects will keep it for a long time!

Negative:  This is not the most inexpensive pen.  If you are looking for a cheap pen, this might not be the one for you!


Experience audio excellence and flaunt your style. These sleek earbuds deliver Exceptional Sound with 13MM speaker drivers, delivering audio that’s crystal clear. With up to 6 hours of playtime on a single charge plus an included ultra cool Compact Charging Case, your music never skips a beat. Ghostbuds are carbon neutral and crafted from 52% recycled materials. These earbuds can be decorated in 48hrs at a 1pc minimum. 2nd life packaging: the box transforms into a charging stand.

Positive: This one has many positives, but let’s start with perceived value.  When you give these to employees or great customers, they will be overjoyed with the value and the cool look (and sound).

Negative:  Depends on the audience.  If you have an employee base or customer list that does not mesh well with tech items, this might be a stretch.

2-in-1 Marker/Cutter

File this one under, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”  This box cutter/marker is an inexpensive promotional product that nearly everyone can use.  We fell in love with this one so much, we did these with our own logo.

• Four-section blade with locking slide.
• Felt tip permanent marker.
• Slotted cap for snapping off dull blade pieces.

Positive:  This is just so functional.  From restaurants to realtors to any other business that receives shipments (that means everyone), this will be coveted.  Combine that with the fact that they are only around $2…and you have a winner.

Negative:  The pushback is always simple…safety.  Some organizations don’t want to hand this out because of travel or perception.

Magnetic Bowl Set

Ideal for storing small parts (hardware, fasteners) while you work in your garage or workshop – use at any angle.
• 6” stainless steel magnetic bowl, 3.25” magnet on bottom.
• 3” stainless steel magnetic bowl, 1.625” magnet on bottom.
• Rubber-coated magnetic base prevents scratches on finished surfaces.

Positive:  If you have ever worked on a project where you needed to take something apart, then put it back together, the appeal is clear.  Give me someplace to put the screws so they don’t “walk away.”

Negative:  It’s a fairly niche piece.  You might think “blue collar” versus “white collar” but those lines are blurring for sure!

So there you have it!  These are 6 Promotional Products You Need To Know About In June!  Want to see more?  Check out our Summer Shop here!

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Thirsty Thursday – It’s A Yeasty Liquor!

Welcome to another episode of Thirsty Thursday, where we explore the fascinating world of beverages, one sip at a time. This week, we’re diving into a mystery drink served in a 3 oz mini mate shot glass from Modern Glass. This intriguing little glassware piece is not only perfect for our tasting adventure, but it also sparks our imagination for other potential uses. Imagine using it as a unique giveaway at events or as a fun element in team-building activities. But for today, it’s all about the mystery drink it holds.

Our mission is to unravel the secrets of this drink. Is it a yeasty liquor? Does it taste like watered-down vodka or beer? Or is it something entirely different? Join us as we embark on this tasting journey, share our initial impressions, make wild guesses about the flavor, and finally reveal the true identity of this mystery drink. So, grab your shot glasses, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

Tasting the Mystery Drink

As we take our first sips of the mystery drink, our taste buds are immediately intrigued. The flavor profile is complex, with a yeasty undertone that reminds us of a well-crafted liquor. It’s not overpowering, but it’s definitely there, adding a unique twist to the drink. It’s almost like a watered-down vodka or beer, but there’s something more to it, something that we can’t quite put our finger on just yet.

Our initial impressions are mixed. The yeasty flavor is unexpected, but not unpleasant. It’s a taste that’s hard to describe, but it’s definitely intriguing. We’re curious to find out more about this drink, and we’re eager to continue our tasting journey.

Guessing the Flavor

As we continue to taste the mystery drink, we start to speculate on its flavor. Could it be a pineapple-infused vodka? Or perhaps a fruity beer? Our guesses are all over the place, but there’s one thing we all agree on: this drink is unlike anything we’ve tasted before.

Finally, the moment of truth arrives. The mystery drink is revealed to be sake. We’re surprised, but in retrospect, it makes sense. The yeasty flavor, the subtle complexity, the hint of fruitiness – it all adds up to a well-crafted sake.

Opinions on Sake

Now that we know we’re drinking sake, our opinions are divided. One of us is a fan, enjoying the subtle flavors and the smooth finish. The other, however, is not as impressed. It’s not that the sake is bad, it’s just not to their taste. And that’s the beauty of tasting – everyone has their own preferences and opinions.

Despite our differing opinions, we all agree that this sake-tasting experience has been a fun and enlightening journey. We’ve learned a lot about this traditional Japanese drink, and we’re eager to explore more in the future.

Characteristics of Sake

So, what exactly is sake? It’s a Japanese rice wine made by fermenting rice that has been polished to remove the bran. The result is a drink with a subtle flavor and a unique character. It’s not as strong as vodka, but it’s not as light as beer either. It’s somewhere in between, with a complexity that’s hard to describe.

One of the things we love about sake is its versatility. It can be enjoyed on its own, or it can be mixed with other drinks to create interesting cocktails. For example, try mixing sake with orange juice for a refreshing and unique drink. The possibilities are endless!


As we wrap up our Thirsty Thursday episode, we can’t help but reflect on the fun we’ve had with the mini-mate shot glass from Modern Glass. It’s been the perfect vessel for our mystery drink, adding a touch of elegance and fun to our tasting experience.

Overall, we’ve enjoyed this yeasty liquor adventure. We’ve tasted, we’ve guessed, we’ve learned, and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. We can’t wait to see what the next Thirsty Thursday brings. Until then, cheers!  Oh…and if you want to see all of the cool branded drinkware featured in Thirsty Thursday, check out our shop here.

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6 Promotional Products You Need To Know About In June

It’s hard to believe it’s already June.  But here we are!  And in honor of the 6th month of the year, we want to show you 6 promotional products you need to know about.  So if you are in the market for a cool (or hot) piece of branded merch that is sure to move the needle this summer…this is for you.  Oh…and if you want to just skip all of “the words,” you can head to our shop here.

6 Promotional Products You Need To Know About In June

Our goal is to show you some timely, and hopefully trendy, promotional products that will hit many different price points.  In addition, we will tell you what we love about the products…but also some drawbacks as well.  Let’s dig in!

coolie cappy combo

The Coolie Cappy Combo

The Coolie Cappy Combo is a unique and practical solution for promoting your message and keeping your drinks at the perfect temperature. This combo includes a full-color beverage insulator and a handy Cappy can cover gadget that transforms any can into a spill-proof container. The insulator is made from high-density foam to reduce condensation and keep drinks cold, making it great for outdoor events and picnics. The Cappy clips onto the tab of a can, and can be opened and closed to prevent unwanted things from getting in, spills, retains carbonation, and has a key ring hole for easy portability.

Positive:  This is a super cool piece for outdoor events with the team or your customers.  What we love about this product (or product combo) is that it is a conversation starter.  When you give this away it will give you the chance to explain the product and show the audience how much you care.  No one wants to have a bee (or anything else unwanted) to surprise them in their drink.  This helps protect from that!

Negative:  It’s a conversation starter because it needs an explanation.  The product DOES come with instructions, but how many of your team (or customers) actually even read an email?

Overall, we really like this because it’s timely (especially for summer events), it’s unique, and it really is useful, once you explain it!

Lightweight Loop Terry Beach Towel

Enjoy spa-level treatment from the pool to the beach with this super absorbent towel! Measuring 30″ x 60″ this, promo weight hemmed 100% ring spun cotton loop terry towel is perfect for budget-friendly promotions and summertime giveaways.

Positive:  We are a big fan of Beach Towels.  They have a high perceived value, a HUGE imprint area, and they are kept for a long time.  Studies will tell you that the average beach towel is kept for at least 7 years.  That means that most are kept longer than that.  We certainly never seem to throw them out!

Negative:  Since the imprint area (and the item) is so big, the setup charge is larger too.  It takes a lot to cover that much area!

Overall, we are big fans of the beach towel.  They show appreciation and are used for years!

Fabric Clip Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy your favorite music from anywhere. The Fabric Clip Waterproof Bluetooth® Speaker easily clips to your favorite bag, letting you bring it to the pool, the park, or to your next house party. Enjoy hands-free operation with built-in microphone and music controls. The 5W output fills any room with quality sound. It has an IP67 waterproof rating, which means it can submerged under water without damaging.

Positive:  We have always said, if you can give an item that enhances your customer’s life AND ties to their phone, it’s a home run.  This can be both.  In addition, we are getting more and more requests for WATERPROOF speakers.  Apparently everyone thinks they are going to be near a pool or lake this summer!

Negative:  You need to know your audience.  If you are spending money on an item in this budget, you want to make sure it’s an audience that will appreciate it!

Overall, we love it!  This item speaks to quality, function, and summer fun.

Mini Beachcomber Bag / Tote

The made-for-one personal beach bag to hold your essentials for a day of relaxation. The 15” x 13” size easily holds sunscreen, sunglasses, lotion, flip-flops, a book, and more. It’s waterproof and lightweight, plus it has a comfortable strap which makes for easy carrying. A bold full-color imprint option commands attention.

Positive:  These totes are all the rage.  Not only are they functional, but they show that your brand is on trend this summer.

Negative:  These take some time to get in.  They are done overseas, so if you need them in a hurry, they are not for you.  There is a BIG difference in the timeline from air freight and ocean…so make sure you discuss your in hands date.  But if you are interested, now is the time to order!

If your brand is one that is on the cutting edge of trends, this would be a great and functional piece.  Just make sure you order soon!

Product Image

Pinnacle Recycled Travel Tumbler with Straw 40oz

Meet the Pinnacle, a budget-friendly 40 oz travel tumbler that doesn’t compromise on style or performance – all while being made from recycled materials. Constructed using 91% post-consumer recycled 18/8 stainless steel – the 40 oz Pinnacle Travel Tumbler features high-performance copper vacuum insulation that will keep drinks cold 24+ hours for all-day hydration, and a durable power coating with a sleek matte finish that matches the handle, straw and lid slider for a premium, retail look and feel. The 100% recycled plastic, press-on swivel lid securely holds the Tritan straw in place, is easily rotated to expose the drink opening, and features a proprietary lid slider to prevent spills. A sturdy ergonomic handle makes carrying this tumbler effortless, and the slim base fits in most car cup holders

Positive:  Everyone loves drinkware.  The latest trends show it.  And summer is often vacation season.  So drinkware is perfect for road trips and to makes sure you are hydrated on the beach.  In addition, this product is more eco-friendly than many of its competitors.

Negative:  We are big fans of drinkware, so this is tough.  The one negative might be that there are lots of competitors out there.

Overall, we feel like this one stands up.  It’s great for this (or any) time of year…and it’s got a great price point considering the eco-friendly components.  This makes us want to hit the road!

NBN Recycled Outdoor 15 Can Cooler

The NBN Recycled Outdoor 15-Can Cooler has a sleek design featuring an easy-access front pocket and one side pocket. The cooler is fully insulated, and its body material is made with recycled material. Through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, one percent of sales of all EcoSmart® products will be donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet.

Positive:  Everyone can use a cooler…especially this time of year.  And with a giveback component, you can feel great about giving a really nice item that will last.

Negative:  Hmmm…maybe that it ONLY holds 15 cans?

Overall, we love a cooler for this time of year.  Even if you are not going on vacation, you can still use this at home, on the golf course, or on a family picnic in the park.  You can’t go wrong with this one!

So there you have it!  These are 6 Promotional Products You Need To Know About In June!  Want to see more?  Check out our Summer Shop here!

As always, we want to provide you with value.  So if you want to create marketing campaigns (and appreciation gifts) that hit the TARGET, check out our TARGET marketing playbook here.


Lessons from DMJ: Saying Yes to Opportunities Outside of Comfort Zone

Delivering Marketing Joy is an award-winning interview show that helps marketers level up.  Each week, Kirby Hasseman interviews the best and brightest minds in marketing to help you level up.  This time on Lessons from DMJ, Kirby talks with Taylor Borst about creating great events and saying YES to opportunities outside of your comfort zone.

In this Delivering Marketing Joy, Taylor Borst, the Senior Director of Marketing and Vendor Relations at ASB, pulls back the curtain to reveal the intricate behind-the-scenes work that goes into orchestrating successful events. Taylor’s insights offer a unique perspective on the event planning and marketing industry, highlighting the importance of collaboration, continuous learning, and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.

From discussing upcoming events to the evolution of her role, Taylor provides a comprehensive overview of her work at ASB. She delves into the importance of building relationships within the industry, the challenges and insights gained in vendor relations, and the philosophy behind creating events that foster long-lasting connections.

Upcoming Events

As the Senior Director of Marketing and Vendor Relations at ASB, Taylor Borst is always looking ahead to the next big event. In the video, she mentions two upcoming events that the team is currently preparing for – an end-user show in Minnesota and a similar event in Denver. These events are significant milestones in ASB’s calendar, requiring meticulous planning and coordination.

Each event is a unique opportunity for ASB to showcase its offerings and build relationships with end users. The team puts in a lot of effort to ensure that each event is a success, from securing the venue to coordinating with vendors and ensuring that every attendee has a memorable experience.

ASB Accelerate Event and Summit

ASB is also gearing up for an ASV accelerate event and their 10th-anniversary Summit. These events are significant landmarks for the company, marking a decade of success and growth. The ASV Accelerate event is designed to fast-track the success of ASB’s partners, providing them with valuable insights and resources.

The 10th-anniversary Summit, on the other hand, is a celebration of ASB’s journey so far. It’s an opportunity for the team to reflect on their achievements, learn from their experiences, and set goals for the future. Taylor and her team are working tirelessly to ensure that these events are memorable and impactful.

Website Refresh and Trend Report

In addition to planning events, ASB is also working on a website refresh and updating a trend report for sales associates. The website refresh is a crucial project aimed at improving the user experience and showcasing ASB’s offerings in the best possible light. The updated trend report, on the other hand, will provide sales associates with valuable insights into the latest industry trends, helping them stay ahead of the curve.

Both these projects underscore ASB’s commitment to continuous improvement and staying at the forefront of the industry. They are a testament to the team’s dedication to providing the best resources and support to their partners and associates.

Collaboration and Building Relationships

One of the key themes that Taylor emphasizes in the video is the importance of collaboration and building relationships in the industry. She believes that success in the event planning and marketing industry is built on strong relationships – with vendors, partners, and attendees.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything ASB does. From planning events to updating their website, every project is a team effort. Taylor also highlights the importance of building strong relationships with vendors, as these partnerships are crucial for the success of their events.

Evolution of Role and Insights in Vendor Relations

Taylor also discusses the evolution of her role at ASB and the insights she has gained in vendor relations. Over the years, she has learned to navigate the challenges of vendor relations, gaining valuable insights that have helped her in her role.

She talks about the importance of understanding the needs and expectations of vendors, and how this understanding can help create successful events. Her experiences in vendor relations have also taught her the importance of flexibility and adaptability in the fast-paced world of event planning and marketing.

Creating Events with Great Experiences and Long-lasting Connections

Creating events that provide great experiences and foster long-lasting connections is at the heart of ASB’s philosophy. Taylor shares how the team focuses on every attendee as a customer, ensuring that each person feels valued and appreciated.

They prioritize attendee feedback, utilizing a vendor advisory board for input, and conduct multiple site visits for each property to ensure everything is perfect. They also learn from other industry events, constantly seeking ways to improve and provide the best experience for their attendees.

Saying Yes to Opportunities Outside of Comfort Zone

Taylor emphasizes the importance of saying yes to opportunities outside of one’s comfort zone. She believes that growth comes from challenging oneself and stepping into the unknown. She cautions against using boundaries as a crutch and encourages intentional decision-making.

Whether it’s taking on a new project or stepping into a new role, Taylor believes in embracing challenges and learning from them. This mindset has been instrumental in her success and is a key part of ASB’s culture.


In conclusion, Taylor highlights the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and continuous learning in the event planning and marketing industry. She believes that success comes from working together, building strong relationships, and constantly seeking ways to improve.

Her insights offer a unique perspective on the industry, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating successful events. Whether you’re an industry professional or just curious about what goes on behind the scenes, Taylor’s insights offer valuable lessons and inspiration.

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DMJ 1 on 1: How To Master The 3 R’s Of Business with Branded Merch

Each week on DMJ 1 on 1, Kirby Hasseman takes on a different topic to help provide value to those looking to grow a brand or organization.  This time Kirby talks about mastering the 3 R’s of business…and how branded merch can help.  Watch now!

How To Master The 3 R’s Of Business with Branded Merch

Mastering the three R’s of business – retention, repeat business, and referrals – is a crucial aspect of any successful enterprise. In this article, we delve into the importance of these three R’s and how branded merchandise can be leveraged to optimize these business aspects. We’ll explore how showing appreciation to your customers can significantly improve retention, how branded merchandise can boost repeat business, and how it can also incentivize referrals, thereby contributing to business growth.

Branded merchandise is not just a marketing tool; it’s a tangible representation of your brand that customers can appreciate and remember. It’s a way to make your business more top-of-mind for your customers, increasing the likelihood of repeat business and referrals. So, let’s dive into the details and learn how to master the three R’s of business with branded merch.


Customer retention is a vital aspect of any successful business. It’s often said that it’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. However, many businesses lose customers due to perceived indifference. This is where showing appreciation to your customers comes into play.

One effective way to show appreciation is through the use of branded merchandise. It’s a tangible way to express gratitude, making your customers feel valued and appreciated. Consider creating a quarterly appreciation program for your top customers, where you can distribute branded merchandise as tokens of your appreciation. This not only improves customer retention but also strengthens your brand’s relationship with its customers.

Repeat Business

Repeat business is the lifeblood of any successful enterprise. It’s a testament to your brand’s quality and reliability. Branded merchandise can play a significant role in increasing the frequency and size of customer orders. A study showed that customers who received branded merchandise ordered 18% faster and 18% more, highlighting the impact of branded merchandise on repeat business.

Offering customers something of value, like branded merchandise, helps them remember your brand when making a purchase. It’s also important to consider where your ideal customer is when they realize they need your brand’s service. By strategically placing your branded merchandise, you can ensure that your brand is top-of-mind when your customer needs your service.


Referrals are a powerful tool for business growth. A happy customer is the best brand ambassador, and with the right incentives, they can refer others to your business. Branded merchandise can be an effective incentive for customers to refer others.

Consider creating a referral program where customers are rewarded with branded merchandise for successful referrals. The key here is to utilize quality branded merchandise that represents your brand well. This not only incentivizes referrals but also ensures that your brand is represented positively in the eyes of potential customers.


In conclusion, branded merchandise is more than just a marketing piece; it’s a tool that can significantly improve customer retention, boost repeat business, and incentivize referrals. By strategically utilizing branded merchandise, businesses can ensure that they are always top-of-mind for their customers, leading to increased business growth and success.

We hope you are getting lots of value out of these DMJ 1 on 1’s!  You can find all of the content we create on our blog page here.  And if you want to create a marketing campaign that truly Hits The TARGET, check our FREE TARGET Marketing Playbook here.

Lessons from DMJ: Adam Callinan on why Every entrepreneur is struggling right now!

Delivering Marketing Joy is an award-winning interview show that helps marketers level up.  Each week, Kirby Hasseman interviews the best and brightest minds in marketing to help you level up.  This time on Lessons from DMJ, Kirby talks with Adam Callinan on profitability, Shark Tank, and why every entrepreneur is struggling right now.  Watch now.

In this insightful interview, we delve into the entrepreneurial journey of Adam Callinan, the founder of Pentan, an e-commerce-focused SAS company. Callinan, who previously co-founded BottleKeeper, a company that achieved a staggering $8 million in sales without a single employee, shares his experiences, challenges, and lessons learned. He emphasizes the importance of leveraging technology, software, and automation in building a business, as opposed to the traditional approach of hiring people.

Through his unique journey, Callinan provides a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship, highlighting the struggles that every entrepreneur faces, and the importance of creating structure and maintaining physical and mental well-being. He also discusses why many early-stage companies struggle with profitability, and shares his experience of appearing on Shark Tank, which significantly boosted his company’s revenue. Lastly, he offers a special deal for listeners to access Pentan for the first 30 days for just $1.

Building a Company with No Employees

Callinan’s journey with BottleKeeper is a testament to the power of technology and automation in business. With a foundation rooted in a previous medical device business, BottleKeeper was built with strict guardrails to avoid hiring employees. Instead, Callinan focused on using technology and automation to build platforms and manage operations.

This unconventional approach allowed him to maintain control over the business, reduce overhead costs, and achieve impressive sales figures. The success of BottleKeeper serves as a compelling case study for entrepreneurs exploring alternative business models.

Challenges of Building Bottlekeeper

Despite its success, the journey of building BottleKeeper was not without its challenges. Callinan faced difficulties with inventory management and the cyclical nature of the business, which resulted in swings in revenue throughout the year. These challenges, while difficult, provided invaluable lessons that shaped the growth and evolution of the company.

Moreover, Callinan also discusses the mental challenges of dealing with the highs and lows of the business. The entrepreneurial journey, while rewarding, can often be a rollercoaster of emotions, and Callinan’s experience underscores the importance of resilience and adaptability.

Struggles Faced by Entrepreneurs

Callinan highlights the struggles that every entrepreneur faces, emphasizing the need for entrepreneurs to create structure and take care of themselves physically and mentally. The entrepreneurial journey can be fraught with challenges and uncertainties, making it crucial for entrepreneurs to prioritize their well-being and avoid isolation.

Creating structure, setting boundaries, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are essential for long-term success. Callinan’s insights underscore the importance of self-care in entrepreneurship, a topic that is often overlooked in the pursuit of business success.

Reasons for Early Stage Companies Not Being Profitable

Callinan discusses why many early-stage companies struggle with profitability. He points out that the default approach of raising capital can lead to frivolous spending, and the tendency to add fixed expenses without understanding the necessary revenue levels can hinder profitability.

Understanding financial metrics and marketing efficiency is crucial for profitability. Callinan’s insights provide a valuable perspective for early-stage entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of financial literacy and strategic planning in achieving profitability.

Impact of Appearing on Shark Tank

Callinan shares his experience of appearing on Shark Tank, a platform that provided incredible free advertising for BottleKeeper. The company experienced a significant boost in revenue after the episode aired, demonstrating the power of strategic exposure and publicity.

The ongoing impact of the Shark Tank appearance on the company’s success is a testament to the importance of seizing opportunities and leveraging platforms for business growth. Callinan’s experience provides valuable insights for entrepreneurs seeking to maximize their visibility and reach.

Information on Pentan

Callinan provides information on Pentan, an e-commerce-focused SAS company that helps solve financial operation problems and improve profitability. In a special offer for listeners, he offers access to Pentan for the first 30 days for just $1.

This offer provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to leverage the power of Pentan’s platform to streamline their operations and enhance their profitability. With its focus on solving financial operation problems, Pentan is poised to be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of e-commerce.

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