Jade Hasseman Joins the Hasseman Marketing Team

(Coshocton, OH)—Coshocton-based marketing firm and promotional products distributor Hasseman Marketing & Communications is growing again.  Hasseman Marketing is excited to welcome Jade Hasseman to their team.  Hasseman will be joining the team as an Administrative Assistant and Inside Sales team member.

“I am thrilled to add Jade to the team,” says Hasseman Marketing CEO, Kirby Hasseman.  “Jade has an infectious personality and amazing energy and we are excited to see how that helps our clients.”

In her new role, Jade will be the Administrative Assistant to Kirby Hasseman and she will help with social media as well.  Jade will be a remote employee as she is located in Colorado Springs.  She can be reached via email at [email protected]

Hasseman Marketing headquarters is located at 432 Main Street in Coshocton, Ohio.  They can be found online at www.HassemanMarketing.com.  In addition, you can follow them on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/hassemanmarketing. You can also find more out about our staff at https://hassemanmarketing.com/about/.

The Legend of Thirsty Thursday

Several years ago, we started doing a fun piece of content we call “Thirsty Thursday.”  Shout out to the brainchild of the video series, Skylar Hasseman, who suggested we start it (and ran with it).  The idea behind the video series is, a crew at Hasseman Marketing tries a mystery drink out of a cool piece of branded drinkware.  We thought it would be a fun way to promote some of the best drinkware we have to offer.  And fun it was!  Each time on the show, we are delighted or disgusted (usually the latter) by the drinks, and we give our very real opinions on them.  As we like to say, it’s fun and irreverent.

Spreading the Word

But up until recently Thirsty Thursday was only being shown on Facebook.  We would organically load it there…and that’s it.  So if you were not on Facebook, you were out of luck.  We decided to update that so that Thirsty Thursday would be available to the world.  (We felt like the world needed it).  So now you can find our Award-Winning piece of content (seriously, we got a national award for this!) on Facebook, Youtube, and this blog.  And while we are at it, sign up for our weekly newsletter and you can see all of our content…but I digress.

Some Thirsty Thursday Greatest Hits

If you have never seen an episode of Thirsty Thursday, now is a great time to start.  It is, after all (as we post this) a Thursday.  So we wanted to give you a primer of three “must-watch” Thirsty Thursday episodes.

The Thirsty Thursday Heard Round the World

This episode is one of the reasons we wanted to expand our reach.  This one is not for the faint of heart.  But we got lots of requests to see it from people that were not Facebook users.  There is a lot of cursing and laughing.  If you are easily offended, well, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

We Actually Liked This One

For the most part, we don’t all love the same drinks.  This was one that most of us liked.  And there was a dance number.

It’s a liqueur!

This one is clear and we all know it could be trouble.  But…we like it!

So as you can tell by now, we have a lot of fun on Thirsty Thursdays.  So we would love for you to follow along each time.  And, if your organization would like to check out any of the amazing drinkware we feature, please check out our shop here.  Or you can reach out and talk to one of us at Hasseman Marketing.  We hope to continue to make you laugh…and to continue to Deliver #MarketingJoy!

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Thirsty Thursday: Highland 3-in-1 Copper Vacuum Bottle Kit 32oz

It’s a New Year and time for a new season of Thirsty Thursday!  Thirsty Thursday is the award-winning piece of content from Hasseman Marketing where we take a mystery drink out of a piece of branded drinkware!  It’s funny.  It’s irreverent.  And we show you some really cool merch as well!  This week we feature the Highland 3-in-1 Copper Vacuum Bottle Kit 32oz  Watch the latest episode below!

Each time on Thirsty Thursdays, we feature a really cool piece of branded drinkware.  You can order for your own team here.

The Highland 3-in-1 Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle Kit 32oz is perfect for an active lifestyle. Kit includes three types of lids, a screw-on straw lid, a screw-on chug lid, and a screw-on flip closure lid. Durable, double-wall stainless steel vacuum construction with copper insulation, allows your beverage to stay cold for up to 48 hours and hot for at least 12 hours. The construction also prevents condensation on the outside of the bottle. On-trend, durable powder coating. FSC-certified premium gift box is included. 32oz. Note: Drinking hot beverages with a straw is not recommended. Remove the lid to allow the beverage to cool.

Thanks for watching!  Again, purchase for your team here…or reach out to your Hasseman Marketing team member.

Hasseman Marketing is your one-stop marketing shop.  We work hard to “Deliver #MarketingJoy to you.  If you want to make sure you never miss an update, now is a great time to become a VIP.  Sign up to be “on the list” here.

New Webinar: 5 Marketing Tactics to Thrive in 2023

It’s hard to believe that we are in the final month of 2022…but here we are!  So how will you use the time wisely in order to get ready for 2023?  We all want to start the year on the right foot.  So we at Hasseman Marketing intend to help!

New Webinar: 5 Marketing Tactics to Thrive in 2023

We have created a new FREE webinar called 5 Marketing Tactics to Thrive in 2023 and it will be Friday December 16th at 2pm.  There is no cost and no obligation.  This is just a new piece of content created to get your wheels turning so you can plan to up your marketing game in 2023.

The webinar will be only 30 minutes and we will cover some tactics you can get started on right away.

So please join us!  Just head here to register now.  And please feel free to invite other team members that you think might get value from the training!

It’s FREE.  It’s ACTIONABLE.  And it’s Friday December 16th at 2pm.  Please register here.

Hasseman Marketing is your one-stop marketing shop.  We work hard to “Deliver #MarketingJoy to you.  If you want to make sure you never miss an update, now is a great time to become a VIP.  Sign up to be “on the list” here.


10 Videos Every Growing Organization Needs

Video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.  If you want to tell your organization’s story, using video is one of the best ways to do it.  And yet, most organizations don’t use video to its full potential.  When I visit websites, I am often surprised to find no video…at all!  And even when there is a video on the website, there is almost never a clear strategy to use video to match the brand and tell the whole story.

The reason, I think, is that most organizations look at video as a one-time project.  They create one video about their company, try to fit everything in, check the box and move on.  This, of course, creates a boring video for the viewer, and less than exciting results for the marketer.  What you need is a full video strategy.  The most effective organizations use video to touch all areas of their company…so that customers and prospects can go on a journey…and arrive exactly where they need to be.

So what videos do you need?  We have you covered.  Here are the 10 videos we believe every growing organization needs.

Mission Video

What are you and your organization all about?  This video explains that to potential customers and employees.  Picture your CEO or leader looking into the camera and talking about your “why.”  As Simon Sinek said in his best-selling book “Start with Why,” most organizations tell you “what” they do.  But most customers and prospects resonate with “why” they do it.  This video gets to the heart of that topic.

Marketing Video

This video is your front-facing message to your prospects.  It is fast-paced with upbeat music and graphics.  This is the video that tells your story and sells your story.  It needs to be quick and to the point, but is not handcuffed by broadcast timelines.  And while you will share this on social media (and you should), this will be hosted on your website to tell your story when visitors come to do their research.

Interview Series with Leaders

When customers are doing their research, they like to know who they are doing business with.  Who is leading the ship?  This series of videos humanize your company and the leadership team.  The goal is to not only show that the team is competent and smart…but also fun to do business with.

Testimonial Series with Customers

While you can do a good job of telling the organization’s story, there is nothing more powerful than a great testimonial.  These interview-style videos can show prospects what the real customer experience is like.

Facility Tour

If you are proud of your facility (and the people that work in it), a video showcasing your location can be awesome.  This might include some beautiful drone shots and artsy shots set to music, it might be guided with narration, or it might be a fun one like we did when we moved into our current location (we were so excited that we were “walking on sunshine”).

Commercial (or series of commercials) For Broadcast

While the marketing video is perfect for social media and on your website, the broadcast video needs to fit into a 30-second or 60-second window.  Some organizations use a shorter version of their marketing video, and then drive people to their website to see the full version.  And other companies create an entirely new set of creative to even further ramp up the results.

Employee Interviews

Much like the concept with the leadership interviews (from above) interviews with your team are powerful.  People still buy from people they like, know, and trust, and these videos show your customers and prospects who will be doing their work.  When people connect like this, they are more likely to stay longer, forgive mistakes and pay (a little) more.  Oh…and if you are looking for employees, these videos can be a powerful look into your company culture.

Quarterly Update To Employees

While marketing videos and outward-facing communication is important, using video to communicate with employees is under-utilized.  What is going on at the company?  Are there goals you are moving toward?  What initiatives are you implementing?  Regular communication with employees can help your team not only work better with customers but also feel more engaged and appreciated.

What Problem Does Your Organization Solve?

It seems so simple…but so many organizations don’t answer this vital question.  What problem do you solve for your ideal customer?  Creating a video that gets to the core of your organization can really lead the right people into your funnel.

Those are 10 videos that we believe that every growing organization needs.  And while there are plenty more videos (and variations of these) that can be done, this is a great jumping-off point for companies that want to better communicate and market.  Oh…and a bonus video if you want to highlight a fun company culture…a fun video.  We have created a few “fun videos” (including this one) that are not only fun to produce but they help us really stand out in the marketplace.

If you are interested in chatting about creating this menu of videos for your organization, we would love to help.  Click here and we can set up a time to chat!

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3 Simple Rules of Successful Marketing

Regardless of the game, you are playing, it’s vital to know the rules if you want to succeed.  Without the rules as a guidepost, you will be inefficient, make mistakes and frustrate the other players.  That is certainly true of marketing your organization. You need to know the rules of the marketing game if you want to flourish.

And while some people might tell you that they want to be a “rule-breaker” and “think outside of the box,” it’s important to understand the rules before you try to break them.

3 Simple Rules of Successful Marketing…that many organizations miss.

While there are tons of tactics and rules around marketing, we are going to start with these basics.  Like building a house, if you don’t have the foundation right…the whole structure will ultimately crumble.  Many organizations sprint from fad to fad to game the attention of their audience.  And it’s great to stay up on marketing trends!  But when you can combine that with a solid foundation, you really have something to build on.

Know Your Customer

Let me just state it plainly, if everyone is your customer then no one is your customer.  We all have limited budgets.  No organization that I know has unlimited time and resources to reach “everyone.”  And yet so many businesses today act as if they are trying to reach everyone.  It’s great if you have a product or service that you think can help everyone.  But you can’t reach everyone.  So it’s incredibly important (and valuable) to spend the time to segment your market into smaller groups.

Who is that ideal customer?  Where do they shop?  What are their hobbies?  Where do they live?  Here are 10 questions to ask in order to dig in.

Once you really have a handle on who your ideal customer is, you have the ability to really create a marketing message (and a product for that matter) that serves them.  Sometimes the perfect customer of your organization is you.  But so often it’s not.  So it’s important to dig in and do the research.  This will allow you to understand what they read, what social media they consume, the conferences they attend…and more.

When you really know your customer you can create marketing that reaches them right where they are.

Make the Customer the Hero

I love this concept from Donald Miller’s amazing book “Building Your StoryBrand.”  As Miller points out, so many of us make ourselves the hero of the story.  Our marketing message is all about us.  “We have been in business for XYZ years”. Or “we have won this and that awards.”  But our customers really don’t care about that…we do.  Our customers care about whether we can solve their problem.  They have come looking for a solution.

The best marketing messages invite our customers into a story where they are the hero.  We are the guide.  We want to show them that our service, product, and message are all about helping them succeed.  Our organization will simply help them do it.

By making the customer the hero of the story, we invite them into a story they want to participate in.

If You Confuse You Lose

Simplicity is incredibly important in our marketing message.  Bill Petrie and I discussed this on a recent Promo UpFront podcast.  Consumers are willing to pay more for brands that make their choices (and their lives) easier.

But maybe more important, if your customers and prospects don’t understand your offering, they will just move on.  There are plenty of other fish in the sea!  When a customer or prospect lands on your webpage (or other marketing messages) and they are not sure that you solve their problem, they will leave.  It’s that simple.

As Miller talks about in the book, your marketing needs to explain what you do so that a caveman can understand it…immediately.  If there is any confusion (or other sources of friction) the prospect is very likely to move on.  You never get the chance to tell them your story.  You don’t get a chance to explain.  They are gone.

Now make no mistake, creating a simple marketing message is hard.  Every organization is complex.  Boiling it down to a few words can be really difficult.  But it’s worth your time to do the work.  What do you do?  What problem do you solve for the customer?

If you can answer that question simply, you have a better chance of breaking through the noise…and inviting them into your story.

These are 3 simple rules of successful marketing.  And if you are able to master them, you not only have a great foundation for your marketing.  You are also likely well ahead of most other organizations in your space.

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