Featured Year-End Gifts: Cooler Bags

At Hasseman Marketing, we are committed to helping fix the Appreciation Gap.  We do that by assisting organizations to find really cool Branded Merch to gift to their team and their best customers.  Our challenge is, there are so many categories of products that fit the bill!  It’s a great problem to have!  We work with amazing suppliers with great products…and that’s great!  So we are going to feature different cool year-end gifts each time.  This week we feature one of the most functional categories in the industry…cooler bags.

Quarry 6 Can Lunch Cooler

The Quarry 6 Can Lunch Cooler features a zippered front pocket to store your favorite snacks and beverages securely when you’re on the go. The interior has a foil lining and fits up to six canned beverages. This stylish lunch cooler measures 7″ H x 8.5″ W x 5.75″ D, making it compact enough to carry and store with ease.  Learn more here.

Arctic Zone® Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler

Arctic Zone® Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler

The Arctic Zone® Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler features Deep Freeze™ high-performance insulation with a radiant heat barrier and a triple layer ColdBlock™ base to create superior cooling. There is a “flip-open”, patented Zipperless™ lid that provides quick access to food and drinks and an insulated front pocket. The Rhino-Tech® exterior is tough, water resistant and wipes clean easily. The interior features a durable HardBody® liner and can fit up to nine cans. Designed for convenience and usability, this cooler also features an adjustable Backsaver® padded shoulder strap that centers load weight to reduce muscle stress.  Get more information here.

Urban Peak® CB161 / SL234PR Gift Set

Urban Peak® CB161 / SL234PR Gift Set

This is a great time of year for a Gift Set! The Urban Peak Gift Set features the 20 oz Urban Peak® Trail Vacuum Tumbler (SL234PR) packaged inside the Urban Peak® Waterproof 12 Can Hinge Cooler (CB161).  The cooler bag is constructed of rugged waterproof 55C PVC Mesh Tarpaulin and the drinkware is constructed of Stainless Steel, double wall copper-lined vacuum insulation with a powder-coat finish.  This is a really nice gift for employees or top customers!  Get more information here.

It’s hard to believe we are in Appreciation Season, but October is almost here.  Please check out the shop.  We have even more to select from there!  But if you need additional ideas, we would love to help!

And of course, if you want to make sure your marketing and appreciation “hit the TARGET,” you can get our TARGET marketing playbook here for free!

Why Your Organization Needs To Sell To Succeed

“Nothing happens until someone sells something.”  This blog is part of an ongoing series of blogs featuring the TARGET Marketing Framework.  You can get our TARGET Marketing Playbook for FREE here.

While this quote has been attributed to several people (including Peter Drucker and Thomas Watson), the person who said it first is not as important as the message. No organization can succeed without sales.

Sales is not a dirty word.

Let’s start by breaking down some misconceptions. We have all seen the sleazy salesperson that is portrayed on TV and in the movies. This person doesn’t care about you or your needs. They just want to “get you into this car!”

While there are certainly people like that in the sales profession, that is the exception…not the rule. We need to break the stereotype because it’s chasing people away from the profession. And if “nothing happens until someone sells something,” then we need great people in sales.

The Latin term for sales references “serving.” This is a definition I can get behind. Let’s move away from the idea of manipulation, and step into the idea of helping someone get what they need. The best sales professionals I know generally listen (and care) about the people that they want to serve. They are experts in their fields and can confidently make recommendations that are in the best interest of their customers and prospects.

This is the kind of salesperson I want to be.

Recently, my wife and I went to a local tractor store to look for zero-turn mowers. I have a lot of grass to mow, and I wanted to find something that could help me speed up the process. I had done some research online and found a zero-turn model that had a steering wheel. Since I had never used a zero-turn mower, this appealed to me. So, we went to the store to see them in person and learn more.

The salesperson came out and we discussed the problem I was trying to solve. He asked several questions about what we wanted and gave us some information.

Then he said, “How much are you mowing?”

When I told him I was mowing at least 10 acres, he said “Oh…then that’s not the mower you need. You will burn that up in 18 months.”

Then he guided me to a mower that would better fit my needs. It was still a zero-turn, and it still had a steering wheel. That is the one I bought…and I am very happy with the purchase.

He listened to the problem I was trying to solve, and then made recommendations based on that need.

I didn’t feel sold. I felt served.

Everyone Is in Sales

Sales is not just a department. Don’t get me wrong. There are probably people in your organization that are on your sales team.

These are the people who might be responsible for proactively going out and making offers to your customers and prospects. Or maybe these are the folks who actively take the incoming calls to sell to your audience.

But make no mistake…we are all in sales.

Let’s take a car dealership, for example. Yes, there are commissioned sales team members. But once they have helped you find the car of your dreams, there are so many more people you will interact with. If the finance guy or gal is grumpy, that affects the whole experience. If you call in and struggle to get the service team to take care of you, you will be frustrated. Or maybe it’s as simple as how they answer the phone. All of those interactions color the customer experience. All of those people are in sales, whether they know it or not.

Don’t Try to Sell Those That Don’t Want What You Sell

This is a hot take that often raises eyebrows. But I have no interest in trying to convince people who absolutely don’t want my product or service. There are just way too many people that will. I see so many people trying to convince the inconvincible. This is not only frustrating for this prospect, but it’s a total waste of your energy.  Now to clarify, if there are some objections to overcome…that’s different. There are often times in a transaction that you will need to work through some details. That is not the time to walk away.

On the contrary, I believe in walking away on the front end. You read that right.

When I run into a complete non-believer in marketing, I am not going to waste my time trying to convince them that social media can be a great tool. They will never believe it. And to be honest, by the end of the conversation, they will just frustrate me by being obtuse. There are just too many prospects that believe in what I am selling to waste my time.

Make The Offer

Now that we have established that sales is vital, no marketing plan would be complete without sales being a part of it.

At this point, it’s time to Go Get It. You have established the perfect customer, attracted them to your audience, and reached across platforms to share the message. Now it’s time to make the offer.

This is a place where people sometimes get hung up…and I think it’s about clarity. You want to make a compelling offer that serves that perfect customer. That kind of offer addresses a pain point that prospect has and (hopefully) solves it.

Now just make the offer.

Too many inexperienced salespeople, entrepreneurs, or marketers want to get clever here. They want to soften “the ask.” I find that this is just insecurity. Just push through and be clear with what you are selling.

As Donald Miller (author of Building Your Storybrand) says, “When you confuse you lose.”  Make the offer.

The Fortune is in the Follow-up.

Finally, don’t forget to follow up. Now that you have made the offer, you will find that some people are just not ready right then. Don’t take it personally.

Unfortunately, rejection is a part of the job.

But remember, often it’s not “no.” It’s “not now.”

When prospects or customers say “not now” to me I am diligent in my follow-up. Studies will tell you that it often takes 13 touches before a prospect turns into a customer. And yet, the average salesperson only follows up once.  If you continue to follow up, you will stand out and often get the business.

My rule is simple. You have to tell me “No.” Sounds simple, right?

The thing is a lot of people don’t want to tell you no. They want to be nice and hope you will give up.

But remember this. Nos are fine. Yeses are great. Maybe’s will kill you.

Once you have made your offer, stay with that prospect until you hear yes or no.

It’s simple. But not easy.

Want to dig deeper into this?  You should check out our TARGET Marketing Playbook here for free.  We break down what makes up a great marketing plan and how you can implement it.  And you can check out the entire book on the subject. “Hit The TARGET” is a parable that outlines how to take all of these tactics and implement them in real life.  Learn more here.

Thirsty Thursday: On Location At Huck’s Tavern

You know what time it is!  It’s time for Thirsty Thursday! Thirsty Thursday is the award-winning piece of content from Hasseman Marketing where we take a mystery drink out of a piece of branded drinkware! Be careful…it’s not for everyone. It’s often colorful and it’s always fun.  This time, we go on location to Huck’s Tavern and join forces with Peyton Johnson and Marley Cumbee to try some drinks from one of our favorite watering holes! Watch the latest episode here!

We love our Thirsty Thursday!

It was really fun to be on location at Huck’s Tavern!  As you can tell, Kirby loves it there!  If you want to learn a bit more about many of the cool locations that Coshocton has to offer, check out the Choose Coshocton website here.

Each Thirsty Thursday, we feature a cool piece of branded drinkware.  To learn more… head to our shop here.  And if this was just too much fun, then you can watch more!  Check out our last episode here.

Thanks for watching!  Again, purchase for your team here…or contact your Hasseman Marketing team member.

Hasseman Marketing is your one-stop marketing shop.  We work hard to “Deliver #MarketingJoy to you.  Oh…and we want to make sure you hit the TARGET in your marketing.  If you want to learn now, check out our TARGET marketing playbook here for FREE!


Kirby Hasseman Releases New Book “Hit The TARGET”

At Hasseman Marketing we are so excited to announce that Kirby Hasseman is releasing his new book “Hit The TARGET.”  The new book, which is a parable, is based on the TARGET marketing framework that we teach our clients in order to market their organization better.

“I am so excited about this new book,” says Kirby Hasseman, CEO of Hasseman Marketing.  “I have never written a book like this and I hope it will make our TARGET marketing framework relatable to everyone.”

The new book is about Michael Mark. Michael’s life is in shambles. His wife died in a tragic car accident, and his business is falling apart. Michael gets a call from the bank and learns that he is about to lose his family home…and he has 3 weeks to save it.  Michael meets Charles and begins to learn to take control of his life. Charles teaches Michael about the TARGET marketing framework in order to help him turn his business (and his fortunes around).  While the lessons are powerful, will Michael be able to turn his business around in time to save his home? Will he be able to Hit the target?

Hit The TARGET is available on Amazon here.  And you can learn more about the book, and get plenty of additional value at HitTheTARGETBook.com.

Kirby Hasseman is the author of several other books including Delivering Marketing Joy, Fan of Happy, and the Give First Economy.  In addition, he is the CEO of Hasseman Marketing.  Hasseman Marketing is a full-service marketing agency in Coshocton, Ohio.  Learn more about Hasseman Marketing at HassemanMarketing.com.

5 Lessons from Jimmy Buffet

I was incredibly saddened when I heard about the passing of Jimmy Buffet.  As I say below, his music has meant a lot to me for years.  The blog (and podcast) below, was created years ago.  But I felt the need to dust it off, refresh it, and give us each a chance to go to that “One Particular Harbor.  Here are 5 Lessons from Jimmy Buffet.   Read below…and Sail On, Sailor!

Let me say from the beginning, that I am a Jimmy Buffett fan. I have liked his music since college and have been to, probably, 10 of his concerts. As I have told my daughters, his music just takes me to a place with a smile on my face and a drink in my hand…no matter where I am.

But on my way to work the other day, listening to Tin Cup Chalice, it occurred to me that Jimmy has a lot to teach entrepreneurs and content creators if we are willing to listen.

Create a Niche

When Jimmy Buffett came to Nashville many years ago, it seemed nobody wanted him. He didn’t look like a country singer. In those days, he didn’t sound like a country singer. But he stayed willing to sound like “Jimmy Buffett.” Over time, he created a niche audience that wanted to hear the island sound at One Particular Harbor. Once he created it, that audience has loyally followed him for years!

Lesson:  Don’t wait for someone to choose you.  Create the audience yourself.

Have Fun With It

If you have ever listened to a Jimmy Buffett song, you know he talks about Changing his Latitude and his Attitude. His audience buys in. One time at a jam-packed concert (in the beer line) I accidentally bumped into another guy, spilling his drink. I quickly turned to apologize (that sort of thing can get you punched at many concerts). The guy said, “It’s cool! You are at a Jimmy concert!” Jimmy oozes a fun laid-back attitude…and people respond.

Lesson:  If you have fun with what you are doing, your audience will too…and they will love you for it.

Don’t Focus on Your Weaknesses

Though I am a big fan, I certainly can recognize that Jimmy Buffett is not the best singer or best guitar player. I am sure there are times you feel the same way about being a content creator. There are better writers. But don’t let that stop you. Had he worried about his weaknesses, he might never have moved to Key West in the first place. Bet on your strengths and put out your best, consistently. Soon, like Jimmy, you will be playing for a packed house.

Lesson:  Don’t let your weaknesses stop you from telling your story!

 Age Is Just a Number

Every year I hear a rumor that “this tour” will be Jimmy’s last. But every year, he keeps traveling the country to entertain his fans. Too many of us want to work hard so they can retire. If you love what you do, keep rocking as long as you want!

Lesson:  Keeping rocking and doing your thing as long as you want!

Nail Your Core…Then who knows?

For years, Jimmy Buffett was “just” an entertainer. He had some songs like Margaritaville that were popular and he played concerts around the country. But somewhere along the way, his music became a way of life. Recognizing this, Jimmy built a restaurant and bar called “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” Now he has huge restaurants, and casinos and even brews his own beer. He nailed his core and then built his brand from there. Jimmy started as an entertainer but has built himself into a true entrepreneur.

Lesson:  Do what you do best…then keep your eyes open for opportunities along the way!

So let’s take a lesson from Jimmy and work hard at having fun. By taking his lead, maybe we can create the next iconic brand…and spend some time in Key West too!

When you think about it, Jimmy hit his target.  Learn how you can do the same here.