Thirsty Thursday – Is This One Delicious?

Welcome to another exciting episode of “Thirsty Thursday,” a unique series where our hosts take on the challenge of tasting a mystery drink from a piece of amazing branded drinkware. This time, Kirby, Kelly, and Wendy, are sipping from a new piece of branded drinkware, the Retro 11 oz ceramic mug from Gold Bond. The Retro 11 oz ceramic mug is not your everyday coffee mug. It boasts a large handle that promises a comfortable grip, perfect for those who like to enjoy their drink leisurely.  (And you can always learn more and order here).

The ceramic material of the mug is another feature worth mentioning. It is ideal for drinking coffee, keeping the beverage hot for longer periods. The hosts were quick to appreciate these features, making the Retro 11 oz ceramic mug from Gold Bond a star of the episode. But, of course, the real mystery lies in the drink itself. What could it be? A new coffee blend? A unique tea infusion? Or perhaps something entirely different? Let’s dive into the episode and find out.

Mystery Drink Tasting

Without further ado, the hosts dive into the tasting of the mystery drink. The anticipation is palpable as they take their first sips, their expressions a mix of curiosity and excitement. And then, the big reveal – the mystery drink is none other than Dunkin’ Spiked Original Iced Coffee. This revelation takes the hosts by surprise, but in the best way possible.

Kelly, Wendy, and Kirby find the drink surprisingly good, describing it as sweet and reminiscent of caramel. The Dunkin’ Spiked Original Iced Coffee, with its unique blend of flavors, seems to have won over our hosts. The sweet, caramel-like taste is a hit, making the drink a delightful surprise. It seems the Dunkin’ Spiked Original Iced Coffee has indeed passed the Thirsty Thursday test!

Review and Conclusion

As the episode nears its end, the hosts give a thumbs up to both the drink and the Retro 11 oz ceramic mug. The ceramic mug, with its large handle and ideal material, has proven to be a hit. The hosts also mention that the mug is available for under four dollars at end-column pricing, making it a great buy for coffee lovers (and marketers). The Dunkin’ Spiked Original Iced Coffee, with its sweet and caramel-like taste, has also won the hosts’ approval, making this episode of Thirsty Thursday a success.

This was a fun one. So, stay tuned for the next episode, and until then, keep sipping and enjoying your favorite drinks. Here’s to many more Thirsty Thursdays!

We’ve tasted, we’ve guessed, we’ve learned, and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. We can’t wait to see what the next Thirsty Thursday brings. Until then, cheers!  Oh…and if you want to see all of the cool branded drinkware featured in Thirsty Thursday, check out our shop here.

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7 Promotional Products You Need To Know About In July

If you are new around here, let me let you in on a little secret.  We love Branded Merch.  We believe it’s one of the best ways to build a long-term brand.  With that in mind, last month we created a blog featuring the 6 Promotional Products you needed to know about in June.  Well, this month we want to show you the 7 Promotional Products you need to know about in July. It’s the 7th month…and there are 7 products!  Get it?  This month we have items that are fun or functional (or both).  And if you want to skip the line and go straight to order can head here.

7 Promotional Products You Need To Know About In July

Our goal is to show you some timely, and hopefully trendy, promotional products that will hit many different price points.  In addition, we will tell you what we love about the products…but also some drawbacks as well.  Let’s dig in!

Black & Gray Palm Dipped Gloves

No matter your walk of life…everyone needs gloves.  Breathable gray knit gloves, cut, puncture & abrasion-resistant thin black nitrile coated palm. Form-fitting with great grip on dry surfaces, oil resistant. A thin palm provides great dexterity. Great for auto mechanics, assembly, technicians, delivery drivers, yard work, gardening…and so many more!

Positive:  Can you say “functional?”  We believe the best branded merch is functional.  And no matter what you do, there are times when you need a work glove.  So that means that the perceived value on this item is much higher than the actual cost.

Negative:  If you are looking for “trendy new products,” then this one might not be for you.

Power Bar 3000 mAh with USB-C and Wrapper

One of our best and most popular power banks now has a 3,000 mAh battery capacity and a USB-C input port. With fully customizable design options, the Power bar is playfully disguised as an ordinary nutrition bar. Our amazing Power Bar continues to represent our core principles in providing you with products that are practical, enjoyable, and meaningful. Pair the Power Bar with any brand that encourages the healthy spirit of play in their daily work culture.

Positive:  This is such a creative and useful product.  Not only do you have a functional power bank that clients can use for a long time to charge your device, but the packaging can totally stand out and tell your story.  Show your creativity and this can be a home run.

Negative:  It does need good artwork and creativity to take this home.  Don’t just slap a logo on this one or you will miss the real impact.

Microfiber Scrubber Golf Towel

Measuring 16″ x 25″, this innovative microfiber golf towel has anti-scratch scrubber loops on the back side to clean the club head or golf ball. It’s designed to dig deep into the groves of the golf club. Great for promotional events, the front side is a soft absorbent microfiber that can be embroidered or edge-to-edge printed with your company logo or custom design.

Positive:  Great imprint area with the sublimation with vibrant imprint colors.  In addition, the scrubber on the backside of the towel is really functional.

Negative:  This is very seasonal.  Now is the time to order these if you want them for golf season in much of the country.


uni-ball® Jetstream Sport

Exclusive, low-viscosity Super Ink™ combines the quick drying time of a ballpoint with the vibrant color and smoothness of a gel penuni Super-Ink™ technology protects against water, fading, & fraudInk color matches plunger color (white barrel features black ink)Point size: 1.0mmThe sleek body and form-fitting comfort grip make JetStream pens a perfect choice for everyday writing, journaling or color-coding notes.

Positive:  This is a really nice writing pen.  When you hand this out, your clients and prospects will keep it for a long time!

Negative:  This is not the most inexpensive pen.  If you are looking for a cheap pen, this might not be the one for you!


Experience audio excellence and flaunt your style. These sleek earbuds deliver Exceptional Sound with 13MM speaker drivers, delivering audio that’s crystal clear. With up to 6 hours of playtime on a single charge plus an included ultra cool Compact Charging Case, your music never skips a beat. Ghostbuds are carbon neutral and crafted from 52% recycled materials. These earbuds can be decorated in 48hrs at a 1pc minimum. 2nd life packaging: the box transforms into a charging stand.

Positive: This one has many positives, but let’s start with perceived value.  When you give these to employees or great customers, they will be overjoyed with the value and the cool look (and sound).

Negative:  Depends on the audience.  If you have an employee base or customer list that does not mesh well with tech items, this might be a stretch.

2-in-1 Marker/Cutter

File this one under, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”  This box cutter/marker is an inexpensive promotional product that nearly everyone can use.  We fell in love with this one so much, we did these with our own logo.

• Four-section blade with locking slide.
• Felt tip permanent marker.
• Slotted cap for snapping off dull blade pieces.

Positive:  This is just so functional.  From restaurants to realtors to any other business that receives shipments (that means everyone), this will be coveted.  Combine that with the fact that they are only around $2…and you have a winner.

Negative:  The pushback is always simple…safety.  Some organizations don’t want to hand this out because of travel or perception.

Magnetic Bowl Set

Ideal for storing small parts (hardware, fasteners) while you work in your garage or workshop – use at any angle.
• 6” stainless steel magnetic bowl, 3.25” magnet on bottom.
• 3” stainless steel magnetic bowl, 1.625” magnet on bottom.
• Rubber-coated magnetic base prevents scratches on finished surfaces.

Positive:  If you have ever worked on a project where you needed to take something apart, then put it back together, the appeal is clear.  Give me someplace to put the screws so they don’t “walk away.”

Negative:  It’s a fairly niche piece.  You might think “blue collar” versus “white collar” but those lines are blurring for sure!

So there you have it!  These are 6 Promotional Products You Need To Know About In June!  Want to see more?  Check out our Summer Shop here!

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Thirsty Thursday – It’s A Yeasty Liquor!

Welcome to another episode of Thirsty Thursday, where we explore the fascinating world of beverages, one sip at a time. This week, we’re diving into a mystery drink served in a 3 oz mini mate shot glass from Modern Glass. This intriguing little glassware piece is not only perfect for our tasting adventure, but it also sparks our imagination for other potential uses. Imagine using it as a unique giveaway at events or as a fun element in team-building activities. But for today, it’s all about the mystery drink it holds.

Our mission is to unravel the secrets of this drink. Is it a yeasty liquor? Does it taste like watered-down vodka or beer? Or is it something entirely different? Join us as we embark on this tasting journey, share our initial impressions, make wild guesses about the flavor, and finally reveal the true identity of this mystery drink. So, grab your shot glasses, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

Tasting the Mystery Drink

As we take our first sips of the mystery drink, our taste buds are immediately intrigued. The flavor profile is complex, with a yeasty undertone that reminds us of a well-crafted liquor. It’s not overpowering, but it’s definitely there, adding a unique twist to the drink. It’s almost like a watered-down vodka or beer, but there’s something more to it, something that we can’t quite put our finger on just yet.

Our initial impressions are mixed. The yeasty flavor is unexpected, but not unpleasant. It’s a taste that’s hard to describe, but it’s definitely intriguing. We’re curious to find out more about this drink, and we’re eager to continue our tasting journey.

Guessing the Flavor

As we continue to taste the mystery drink, we start to speculate on its flavor. Could it be a pineapple-infused vodka? Or perhaps a fruity beer? Our guesses are all over the place, but there’s one thing we all agree on: this drink is unlike anything we’ve tasted before.

Finally, the moment of truth arrives. The mystery drink is revealed to be sake. We’re surprised, but in retrospect, it makes sense. The yeasty flavor, the subtle complexity, the hint of fruitiness – it all adds up to a well-crafted sake.

Opinions on Sake

Now that we know we’re drinking sake, our opinions are divided. One of us is a fan, enjoying the subtle flavors and the smooth finish. The other, however, is not as impressed. It’s not that the sake is bad, it’s just not to their taste. And that’s the beauty of tasting – everyone has their own preferences and opinions.

Despite our differing opinions, we all agree that this sake-tasting experience has been a fun and enlightening journey. We’ve learned a lot about this traditional Japanese drink, and we’re eager to explore more in the future.

Characteristics of Sake

So, what exactly is sake? It’s a Japanese rice wine made by fermenting rice that has been polished to remove the bran. The result is a drink with a subtle flavor and a unique character. It’s not as strong as vodka, but it’s not as light as beer either. It’s somewhere in between, with a complexity that’s hard to describe.

One of the things we love about sake is its versatility. It can be enjoyed on its own, or it can be mixed with other drinks to create interesting cocktails. For example, try mixing sake with orange juice for a refreshing and unique drink. The possibilities are endless!


As we wrap up our Thirsty Thursday episode, we can’t help but reflect on the fun we’ve had with the mini-mate shot glass from Modern Glass. It’s been the perfect vessel for our mystery drink, adding a touch of elegance and fun to our tasting experience.

Overall, we’ve enjoyed this yeasty liquor adventure. We’ve tasted, we’ve guessed, we’ve learned, and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. We can’t wait to see what the next Thirsty Thursday brings. Until then, cheers!  Oh…and if you want to see all of the cool branded drinkware featured in Thirsty Thursday, check out our shop here.

As always, we want to provide you with value.  So if you want to create marketing campaigns (and appreciation gifts) that hit the TARGET, check out our TARGET marketing playbook here.

Thirsty Thursday – Why Is It Spicy?

Welcome to another exciting episode of Thirsty Thursday, the segment where our brave hosts take a plunge into the unknown and try a mystery drink. This week’s episode features an intriguing combination of a unique drinkware item and a fiery mystery drink that leaves our hosts with a burning question: Why is it spicy?

Our hosts, the dynamic trio of Jade, Briar, and Kirby, kick off the segment with the Koozie triple vacuum tumbler, a versatile piece of drinkware that can be used as a koozie or a tumbler. This affordable tumbler, priced under $15, promises to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature, whether hot or cold. But the real test comes when our hosts fill it with this week’s mystery drink, a spicy concoction that leaves them reaching for a glass of water.

Koozie Triple Vacuum Tumbler

The Koozie triple vacuum tumbler is the star of the first part of the episode. This versatile piece of drinkware can serve as both a koozie and a tumbler, making it a great choice for any beverage enthusiast. Its double-wall vacuum seal ensures that your drinks stay at the perfect temperature, whether you’re sipping on a hot coffee or a cold beer.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Koozie triple vacuum tumbler is its affordability. Priced under $15, it’s a steal for a piece of drinkware that offers so much versatility and functionality. Whether you’re a coffee lover, a beer aficionado, or just someone who appreciates a well-made tumbler, the Koozie triple vacuum tumbler is a great addition to your drinkware collection.

Trying the Mystery Drink

The second part of the episode takes a spicy turn as our hosts try the mystery drink. The drink, which turns out to be Dragons Breath, leaves our hosts with a burning sensation and a puzzled expression. The drink’s fiery flavor, which tastes like a combination of cinnamon and possibly jalapeno or pepper, is not a hit with our hosts.

Despite their adventurous spirits, our hosts cannot hide their dislike for the spicy drink. They give it a thumbs down, expressing their preference for drinks that don’t leave them reaching for a glass of water. But despite their dislike for the drink, they still manage to find a silver lining in the episode: the Koozie triple vacuum tumbler.

Recommendation for the Tumbler

Despite the fiery experience with the mystery drink, our hosts still have high praise for the Koozie triple vacuum tumbler. They recommend it as a cool piece of drinkware, praising its double-wall vacuum seal that keeps drinks at the perfect temperature. Whether you’re sipping on a hot coffee or a cold beer, the Koozie triple vacuum tumbler ensures that your drink stays at the perfect temperature.

And the best part? The Koozie triple vacuum tumbler is priced under $15, making it an affordable choice for anyone looking for a versatile and functional piece of drinkware. So, despite the spicy experience with the mystery drink, our hosts still manage to end the episode on a positive note, recommending the Koozie triple vacuum tumbler to their viewers.

So, if you’re a beverage enthusiast looking for a versatile and affordable piece of drinkware, or if you’re just curious about the spicy mystery drink, tune in to Thirsty Thursday for more exciting episodes. And remember, no matter how spicy the drink, the Koozie triple vacuum tumbler will keep it at the perfect temperature.


As always, we want to provide you with value.  So if you want to create marketing campaigns (and appreciation gifts) that hit the TARGET, check out our TARGET marketing playbook here.

DMJ 1 on 1: 10 Ways To Improve Employee Retention

It’s time for the latest DMJ 1 on 1.  This time we take on a big topic.  How do we improve employee retention?  We all need great teams to do great work.  So here are 10 ways to improve employee retention.

New Employee Onboarding

When you welcome a new member to your team, make sure you REALLY welcome them. That first bit at a new place can feel a lot like going to a new school when we were young. We don’t know anyone. Everyone else already knows everyone. They know the culture, the language, the business…and there are already cliques of people that hang out.

As an employer, you can help with this in several ways. First, assign the new hire a buddy. This can be the person that makes sure they know the way around before they know the way around.

In addition, new employee merch can be really powerful. Having merch allows them to look the part even before they feel like it. When done right, new employee merch can help them look good AND be able to do their job better. This is a great way to make them feel a part of the culture.

Quarterly Appreciation Gifts

Businesses know they need to show appreciation to their best customers. Well…the good businesses know it! As a matter of fact, statistics will tell you that 69% of customers who leave you do so because of perceived indifference. Crazy right?

Well, your employees are no different. They want to feel appreciated and recognized. And while there are tons of ways to do this, the best organizations “put it on the calendar” to ensure this appreciation gets done.

One way to do that is to set up a Quarterly Appreciation program for your team. Just set the yearly budget per person. Then divide that number by 4 and you have the budget per item. When you think about the cost of onboarding, recruiting, and training new team members, this can really be a practical and effective investment.

End of Year/Holiday Gifts

The final quarter of the fiscal year often coincides with the end of the calendar year. If you want to go “above and beyond,” this is the time to do it. Make sure your team understands how much you appreciate their hard work.

Oh…and now is not the time to go with Gift Cards. Many executives want to take the easy way out and give gift cards. There are several problems with this. First, there is no staying power. So often, this gift card or certificate never gets used or it certainly gets forgotten. Second, you lose a chance to build culture. When you give a cool gift, the team all use something that shows they are a part of the same tribe. Third, they have to claim it! Now it’s not a gift, it’s an obligation.

There is nothing wrong with cash or gift cards if they are a part of the overall gift, but spend the extra time to pick something your team will actually enjoy and use long term.

Purpose/Give Back/Mission

There is power in a united goal. This can be powerful in creating a bond and a culture. What problem does your organization solve that people can get behind? What non-profit do you believe in or support? Make sure you tell that story before people join the team (to recruit the right people) but continue to tell that story as you move forward.

And yes…you need to tell this story over and over and over…

Pay Structure Evaluation

While pay should not be the only thing that keeps people working with your team, it has to be in the ballpark. We all know this as employees. If we can’t pay our bills, we will not (and will not be able to) do our best work.

Training and Growth

The best employees want to work in a place where they feel like they can be the best version of themselves. One of the ways they can express that is through training and growth. What programs does your organization have to help them be the best they can be?

Remember, if you are afraid to train your employees because they might grow and leave…be very afraid that they are stagnant and want to stay!  Don’t know how to create a program?  Check out this organization.  Crosworks can help you tailor a program just for you.

Health & Wellness Program

Health and Wellness programs not only create healthier employees (as if that is not enough reason), but they also create more productive and profitable organizations.

Harvard researchers found that for every dollar spent on employee wellness, medical costs fell by $3.27 and absenteeism dropped by $2.73, resulting in a 6-to-1 return on investment.

The Rand Wellness Programs Study showed that the disease management component of a wellness program was responsible for 86% of the hard healthcare cost savings, generating $136 in savings per member, per month, and a 30% reduction in hospital admissions.

Create a wellness program that every employee is excited to participate in. That’s a big ask. But if you can do it, it will create a healthier workforce and culture.  Yes…we can help with our Total Wellness program.  Learn more here. 

Employee Merch/Build The Brand

You can always tell an organization where people want to work if they WANT to wear the company gear. Think about it. If you are not forced to wear the company logo, but you do it anyway, you are proud to rep the brand. That’s huge. Not only does it help build the culture, but the branding can help build the company.

Create opportunities for your team to get branded merch. Whether they win it, they buy it, or (best of all) you provide it regularly, having your team wearing your brand is powerful.

Oh…and don’t go cheap. Make this the best merch so they are excited to put it on again and again!

Mental Health Tools

Have you ever worked with someone going through a divorce? If so, you know that they were not able to give their best. It’s just so much to go through. For years, employers acted like there was a separation between our personal and professional lives. And in some ways, there should be. But we know that we have to bring ourselves to work each day.

The best organizations give tools to deal with tough things in life. And when people feel better they do better work. It just makes sense. But many organizations miss it.

What do your mental health offerings look like?

Service Award Programs

Finally, we have talked about appreciation…and this is a big one. What about the people who have worked for you for a long time? Obviously they help create the culture and keep the trains running on time. So celebrate that!

Make sure you celebrate the milestones.

This not only shows them you appreciate them. But it shows the rest of the team that it’s important too.

Oh…and in today’s world it makes sense to start earlier than ever. Don’t wait until they have been at your place for 5 years…or even 1. When people make it to 6 months (or even 3 months) make it a big deal! You want to keep them right?

So there you have it.  These are 10 ways to improve employee retention.  Use these as a checklist to help dial in your company culture.  Want more information?  Check out our TARGET HR Playbook here for free!


Thirsty Thursday – Spoiler Alert…It’s Beer and Jade Hates It!

Welcome to another episode of Thirsty Thursday, our unique award-winning show where we explore the world of beverages and branded drinkware. In each episode, we introduce a mystery drink served in a specially selected branded drinkware item. This week’s episode is no exception, and we promise it’s filled with surprises, laughter, and of course, thirst-quenching moments.

Your hosts for this journey are none other than Jade, Briar, and Kirby.  Together, they bring a mix of humor, knowledge, and contrasting tastes to the table. This week, they will be trying a mystery drink that promises to stir up some interesting reactions, especially from Jade. So, buckle up and get ready for a rollercoaster of flavors and emotions!

Featured Drinkware: Silly Pint Tumbler

Our featured drinkware for this episode is a 22 oz silicone tumbler with a straw from the innovative brand, Silly Pint. This tumbler is not just any ordinary drinkware. It’s a perfect blend of practicality and fun, designed to add a touch of whimsy to your drinking experience. The Silly Pint tumbler is unbreakable, making it a fantastic choice for outdoor events or children’s parties where accidents are bound to happen.

But the benefits don’t stop there. This tumbler is also dishwasher and microwave-safe, making it incredibly easy to clean and use. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or a kid’s birthday party, the Silly Pint tumbler is your go-to drinkware. It’s not just a tumbler; it’s a conversation starter!

Mystery Drink Reveal: Beer

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the reveal of the mystery drink. Drumroll, please… It’s beer! Yes, you heard it right. The mystery drink is none other than the golden, bubbly beverage that has been a favorite for centuries. But there’s a twist – our host Jade isn’t a fan of beer.

Despite her dislike for beer, Jade bravely takes a sip and the hosts attempt to identify the flavor. Is it a lager, a stout, or perhaps a flavored ale with citrus or peach notes? The guessing game adds an extra layer of fun to the tasting experience, making this episode a must-watch for all beer enthusiasts and Thirsty Thursday fans.

Reviews and Ratings

As expected, the reviews for the beer are mixed. Two thumbs up and one thumbs down – a clear reflection of the diverse tastes of our hosts. But when it comes to the Silly Pint tumbler, it’s a unanimous thumbs up. The hosts are all praises for its durability, convenience, and fun design, making it a clear winner in this episode.

Whether you’re a beer lover or not, one thing is clear – the Silly Pint tumbler is a must-have item for your drinkware collection. It’s practical, fun, and perfect for any occasion. So, why not give it a try and add a touch of whimsy to your drinking experience?

Future Episodes and Conclusion

As we wrap up this episode, we have some exciting news to share. Silly Pint is releasing new styles of drinkware, and we can’t wait to feature them in our future episodes. From tumblers to wine glasses, there’s a lot to look forward to. So, stay tuned for more fun-filled Thirsty Thursday episodes!

Before we say goodbye, we’d like to remind you that Thirsty Thursday is brought to you by Hasseman Marketing. For more information about our featured drinkware and other products, check out the shop link below the video. Thank you for joining us on this beverage journey, and we look forward to quenching your thirst in our next episode. Until then, stay hydrated and keep exploring the world of drinks and drinkware!

As always, we want to provide you with value.  So if you want to create marketing campaigns (and appreciation gifts) that hit the TARGET, check out our TARGET marketing playbook here.